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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Tour

Please note that for both tours ASME will be required to share your contact information with the facility for security approval prior to the tour. By registering for the tour, you are agreeing to ASME sharing your information with either Berkeley Lab Energy Storage Center and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).

Video courtesy of Berkeley Lab

FLEXLAB is a completely configurable test facility studying the integration of building technologies, renewable energy, storage, and electric vehicle charging under real world operating conditions, often in comparison with baseline approaches. Its facilities offer an unprecedented opportunity to research and develop solutions that span both the supply and demand sides of the grid, tailoring solutions to lower carbon outputs at the building and grid scale. FLEXLAB studies energy performance as well as indoor environmental metrics such as IAQ, thermal and visual comfort, to deliver strategies that serve occupants while delivering high performance integrated systems.

There is processing time in approving all attendees. Any foreign national needs to register by October 17th. COVID protocols are present (including masks and a form saying whether they're vaccinated or not) but those may change closer to the date and attendees will be informed.