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Terms and Conditions
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Content Presented at ASME Events: ALL papers presented at ASME Events fall under the ASME copyright. Participants are reminded to present information associated with approved papers and abstracts and not to present any information that may be considered proprietary, confidential or restricted in any way.

Registration Fees: ALL event participants must register and pay the advertised fee including authors; presenters; chairs; co-chairs; topic and session organizers, sponsors, exhibitors and general attendees.

Payment Method: Individuals with incomplete registrations will not be able to complete registration and attend the event until payment has been made. ASME accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Refunds/Cancellation Fee: Requests for event registration fee refunds must be received at least 30 days prior to the event and are subject to a $100 non-refundable administrative fee, this fee applies to refunds not substitutions. All registration fees are non-refundable if less than 30 days before the event.

Substitutions: Registrations may not be transferred or substituted at any time.

Video/Audio Recordings: Participants are reminded that material presented at ASME Events is the copyright of ASME and as such they are prohibited from recording presentations in their entirety with the intent to distribute to others. The use of personal smart phones, cameras or video devices should be limited to recording snap-shots or snippets for personal use. Participants are encouraged to take snapshots throughout the event venue to support ASME’s efforts to convey the excitement of the event through posting on social media.

Unauthorized Solicitation: Unauthorized solicitation in the Event Hall or Technical Program is strictly prohibited. Any company or representative of a supplier who is not an exhibitor and is observed to be soliciting business in any area of the event venue is deemed inappropriate by ASME event management, will be asked to leave the event immediately.

Limitation of Liability: You agree to release and hold harmless ASME from any and all claims, demands, and causes of action arising out of or relating to your participation in this event, including but not limited to the use of the event platform or vendors related to the event.

Event Cancellation: In the event is cancelled, event attendees will be returned the registration fee only.

General Data Privacy Authorization

By entering my personal information into this registration site, I hereby give consent to ASME collecting, processing, reviewing, and transferring personal data (including to the extent described above, sensitive personal data) relating to me in relation to the conference registration and event management, and to share my data with third parties, including Convention Data Services, and those that ASME works with for the purposes of facilitating the management of the conference, including vendors who manage the event registration and event itinerary via the provision of mobile app services. I also consent to the transfer of any such data outside of the country in which I live or where the personal data has been collected or processed, including specifically to the United States, for the purposes described above, even where the country or territory in question does not maintain data protection standards which are equivalent to those which apply in my home country. 

I understand by registering I will receive email communications and updates that pertain to this event and will have the option to opt-in to additional ASME marketing communications as part of the registration process.