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ASME Advisors

These dedicated individuals represent the leaders in 3D technologies advancing aerospace and energy from a broad range of perspectives. They are committed to identifying opportunities to impact more lives and developing resources to address gaps and challenges.

Mark Barfoot, Director of AM Programs, EWI
Eric Barnes, Additive Manufacturing Fellow, Northrop Grumman
Jesse Boyer, Additive Manufacturing Fellow, Pratt & Whitney
Jeramie Broadway, Formulation Manager, Advanced Manufacturing, NASA
Ryan DeHoff, Group Leader, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ruben Del Rosario, Senior Director, Aerospace, Crown Consulting
Robert Ghobrial, Technology Fellow, Lockheed Martin
Todd Grimm, Principal, TA Grimm & Associates
Rick Neff, Consultant, Rick Neff LLC
Paul Oldroyd, Technical Fellow, Mfg. & Eng. Process Dev., Bell
Anna Tomzynska, Director Additive Mfg. & Chief Engineer, Boeing
John Vickers, Manager Advanced Materials & Mfg, NASA


Meg Audrain, Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, NRC 
Carlo De Bernardi, Valve SME, Additive Manufacturing Industry Lead, ConocoPhillips 
Rob Ivester, Deputy Director, NIST MEP 
Claudia Leon, Additive Manufacturing Customer Engagement Leader, Baker Hughes 
Tim Lieuwin, Regents Professor and David S. Lewis Jr. Chair, Georgia Tech 
Markus Seibold, Vice President Additive Manufacturing, Siemens Energy 
Jaroslaw (Jarek) Szwedowicz, Principal Senior Key Expert for Gas Turbines, Siemens Energy 
Lakshmi Vendra, Team leader, Additive Manufacturing, Baker Hughes 

For more information or to join the advisors, please email with “ADVISORS” in the subject line.