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Tutorials, Tracks and Organizers

Abstract Deadline extended to July 5.

Tutorial 1: Title to be defined - Warren Brown

Tutorial 2: To be defined

Track 1: Understanding BFC Design MethodsHakim Bouzid

  • ASME Section VIII division 1 Appendix 2
  • New BFJ design rules, SWG on BFC
  • EN1591
  • JIS under adoption
  • Other methods (Analytical, FEM, Non-Circular Flanges, Flat Face Flanges)

Track 2: Assembly of BFJAnita Bausman

  • Torque Calculation Methods
  • PCC1, Appendix F, Alternative Flange Assembly Methods & Field Experience
  • Factors Involved in Determining Nut Friction Factor
  • Hydraulic Tensioning and Torquing
  • Elastic Interaction
  • PCC-1 Appendix A Flange Assembler Qualification

Track 3: Gaskets and Packing Selection and TestingHubert Lejeune

  • Torque Calculation Methods
  • New Technologies
  • Gasket and Packing Selection
  • Performance Testing Methods/Standards and Their Use
  • EN13555, ROTT, HOBT2 w/Cycles, ASTM (Gb a Gs, m & Y), API622

Track 4: Special Applications and Lessons Learned TestingClay Rodery

  • Design and Testing of HPHT Flanges
  • Heat Exchangers and Non-circular Flanges
  • Non-metallic Flanges & Unique Equipment BFC Performance
  • PTFE Lined, Glass Lined, Rubber Lined
  • Nuclear Applications
  • Cryogenic Applications
  • Polymeric (PVC, HDPE), FRP, Dual-Laminate

Track 5: Joining and FasteningWarren Brown

  • Allowable Preload Stresses
  • Design Allowable Stresses
  • Fatigue Performance
  • Vibration, Self-loosening
  • Threaded Fasteners
  • Friction, Lubricants and Coating

Track 6: New Emerging Sealing Technologies & StandardsHakim Bouzid, Warren Brown

  • New Flange Configurations
  • Recent Development in Sealing
  • New Gasket and Packing Materials and Styles
  • New Standards NPPS and Others
  • Leakage Reduction and Fugitive Emission