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Industry Standards Workshop

Participation in the Workshop is included in all full-conference registration fees. Attendees will be asked to RSVP their interest during registration.

Integral to transforming our sector, is an understanding of our current applicable digital standards today, a unified industry vision to standardize digital processes and an industry roadmap that drives standardization across our energy value chain for the future.

Our workshop objectives are to:

  1. Create awareness of current industry digital standards and standardization initiatives that can assist the energy sectors, including the ASME Digital Standards Governance Document.
  2. Determine high level gaps, key risks, and recommend next steps for industry which will include the SDOs.
  3. Review and determine commitment to developing a roadmap for digital standards, that includes a shared industry learning process and an ability to drive and measure standardization value for our industry.
    Note: This will include SDO's for O&G and renewable energy sectors.

Scope: Includes digital standards for reservoir, wells and production engineering planning and onsite operational processes as well as equipment manufacturing for the upstream oil & gas and renewable energy sectors.

Audience: Energy leaders, renewable energy leaders, engineering, manufactures and digital practitioners looking to standardize implementation and deployment of digital technology and processes to improve the overall safety and efficiency of the sector.


  1. Introduction

  2. Purpose: Overview of current industry digital standards from Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) applicable to the energy sector. The focus is on engineering, manufacturing and operational processes that are currently or have the potential of being adopted by the energy sector. Determine gaps and recommend steps with digital standards.

  3. Value of Digital Standards and Standardization:
    1. General review benefits and challenges:
      1. Upstream Industry Standards: Established consensus building process and streamlining of requirements.
      2. Renewables Industry Standards
      3. Role of Classification Societies
      4. Academic standardization

  4. Overview of Industry Digital Standards
    1. API & ISO (IOGP)
    2. ASME
    3. SNAME
    4. Others: IADC, IEC, AAPG, INCOSE

  5. Slido Questions
    1. State of the Industry
    2. Do we have enough standards? Are they industry standards? Are we applying industry standards today? Are we applying industry standards today?
    3. Where are our gaps? Where should we be setting our priorities?


  1. Recap Morning

  2. Risk & Opportunities Exercise If we do not have industry standards?

  3. Where do we go from here?
    1. ASME Leadership – Develop an updated industry roadmap connected with governance document.
    2. ASME Leadership and collaboration with other SDOs
      1. Roadmap
      2. Industry Meeting

  4. Actions Recap & Adjourn