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Flow Visualization Competition

Flow visualization has a long tradition in fluids engineering, from Leonardo Da Vinci's sketches of flowing water, through well-publicized images of canonical flows in many facilities over the past century, to the modern-day quantitative flow visualization techniques in experimental and computational fluid dynamics. While the capabilities of the technology and techniques at our disposal have increased greatly, the challenge remains to process and represent data in the most meaningful way, to help gain physical insight that will lead to progress in the field.

2021 Flow Visualization Competition Categories

The ASME Fluids Engineering Division is soliciting submissions to its Flow Visualization Competition. The competition has two categories:

  • Flow Visualization Images (Track 9 – Topic 1) for still images or computer generated images for flow visualization.
  • Flow Visualization Video (Track 9 – Topic 2) for videos of fluid flow either experimental or computer generated.

Experimental and computational entries are accepted to each category. The initial step for entry into the contest is to please log-in and submit a short abstract (~400–650 words) describing your entry by the DECEMBER 14, 2020 DEADLINE.

Entry Requirements for the Flow Visualization Contest

  1. Submit by the Abstract due date to (Track 9 – Topic 1) for Images or (Track 9 – Topic 2) for Videos. After the abstract is accepted use the paper number and first author’s last name to identify the entry.
  2. Submit by the draft paper due date (February 8, 2021) a Written Summary describing the entry that includes one or more images with accompanying text that describes the images or video and how they were obtained.
  3. Submit the electronic images and video entries for judging via link by TBD DATE.

Check back soon. More details on submissions and prizes to follow.