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ICONE 28 Student Program

Congratulations to our student award winners on the Akiyama Medal, Best Paper and Best Presentation awards. Please view the presentation and congratulate the winners.

Akiyama Medal for Best Paper from North America
62097 Wall Materials Effects on Sheltered Indoor Doses From an SMR Hypothetical Severe Accident Release Yamato Sugitatsu
Shripad T. Revankar


European Best Paper
65756 Dynamic Model of the VVER-1000 Reactor For Seismic and LB LOCA Evaluation Oleksii Ishchenko
Vladislav Filonov
Yaroslav Dubyk


European Best Video
64152 Preliminary Version of Improved Particle-Flow Model in Simmer-v for an Alternative Severe Accident Modeling Approach in Sfrs Csengeri Eszter
Andrea Bachrata
Laurent Trotignon
Elsa Merle


Japan / Asia Best Paper
61469 A 3D Numerical Simulation on Heat Transfer Behavior in Eagle ID1 In-Pile Test Using Finite Volume Particle Method Ting Zhang
Koji Morita
Xiaoxing Liu
Wei Liu
Kenji Kamiyama
63487 Development of Liquid-Particle Image Reconstruction Method in Centrifugal Field by Linear Sensor Wireless Electrical Resistance Tomography (Ls-Wert) Kimura Kota
Yosephus Prayitno
Prima Sejati
Tong Zhao
Yoshiyuki Iso
Masahiro Takei
63488 Measurement of Liquid Film Thickness for Annular Two-Phase HFC134a Gas-Liquid Ethanol Flow in the Vertical Tube Huacheng Zhang
Tutomu Hisano
Shoji Mori
Hiroyuki Yoshida
63813 Experimental Observation of Nucleate Boiling Entrainment in a Liquid Film Junpei Tabuchi
Yuki Narushima
Kenichi Katono
Tomio Okawa
64155 Image Based Bubbly Flow Feature Identification Using Deep Learning Takashi Furuhashi
Takuro Sasaki
Shuichiro Miwa


Japan / Asia Best Video
64510 Development of Ultrasonic Measurement System for Shape and 2d Velocity Field Using Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler and Total Focusing Methods Zeliang Zhang
Tianrun Liu
Munkhbat Batsaikhan
Hideharu Takahashi
Hiroshige Kikura
64733 Liquid Film Behavior of Bottoming Liquid Jet in a Shallow Pool Measured by 3d-Lif Sota Yamamura
Hiroyuki Yoshida
Naoki Horiguchi
Akiko Kaneko
Yutaka Abe
64955 Characteristics of Two-Phase Flow in Packed Bed Systems Noriaki Yasugi
Akito Fujitsu
Naoya Odaira
Daisuke Ito
Kei Ito
Yasushi Saito
65683 Improvement of Conversion Ratio of Thorium Fuel in LWR by Adding Neutron Absorber Taichi Takeishi
Satoshi Takeda
Takanori Kitada
65691 Heat Transfer Performance for Helium Gas Flowing in a Minichannel With Different Inner Diameters Feng Xu
Qiusheng Liu
Makoto Shibahara


China Best Paper
65730 Nonlinear Low Bias Current Control for Magnetic Bearing System Using Active Disturbance Rejection Technology Yichen YAO
Yixin Su
Suyuan Yu
66238 Research on the Air-Water Flow Regime and Characteristics in Rectangular Channel Qingche He
Wangtao Xu
Meiyue Yan
Luteng Zhang
Liangming Pan
65498 Experimental Study of Characteristics of Flow Field in Rod Bundle Channel Under Blocking Conditions Xiaoyong Yu
Yonghao Zhang
Peiyao Qi
Yusheng Liu
Shouxu Qiao
Sichao Tan
64196 The Interfacial Area Weighted Area-Averaged Gas Velocity Model for the Interfacial Area Transport Equation in the System Analysis Code MengsiShen
Meng Lin
64468 Power Control System Design for a Heat Pipe Cooled Reactor Haowei Sun
Peiwei Sun


China Best Video
64356 Analysis of Friction Factor of Two-Phase Flow in Helically Coiled Tubes Baihui Jiang
Zhiwei Zhou
Yu Ji
64359 Spacecraft Performance Parameters Analysis of H2 and Nh3 as Nuclear Thermal Propulsion System Propellants Chenrui Mao
Yu Ji
Jun Sun
Zhaoyu Liang
Lei Shi
62370 Optimal Design of Eccentricity Performance of Capacitance Rod Position Measurement Sensor for Measuring Non-Metallic Rod Yanlin Li
Benke Qin
Hanliang Bo
64077 Calculation of Probability of Survival (Pos) in Dynamic Systems Based on Rmc Code Conglong Jia
Guanlin Shi
Zhiyuan Feng
Xiaoyu Guo
Kan Wang
Shanfang Huang
Jingang Liang
64425 Research on Remaining Useful Lifetime Prediction Methods of Main Transformer in Nuclear Power Station Zikang Li
Minjun Peng


North America Best Paper
62097 Wall Materials Effects on Sheltered Indoor Doses From an SMR Hypothetical Severe Accident Release Yamato Sugitatsu
Shripad T. Revankar
63444 Effective Solid Angle Model and Monte Carlo Method: Improved Estimations to Measure Cosmic Muon Intensity at Sea Level in All Zenith Angles Junghyun Bae
Stylianos Chatzidakis
Robert Bean
65759 Comparison of Pebble Bed Velocity Profiles Between High-Fidelity and Intermediate-Fidelity Codes David Reger
Elia Merzari
Paolo Balestra
Sebastian Schunert
Yassin Hassan


North America Best Video
65591 Low Dose Assessment Uncertainty Analysis for the Landauer Nanodot OSLDs Egemen Aras
Robert Hayes
65706 Study on Laminar Turbulent Transition in Square Arrayed Rod Bundles Carolina Da Silva Bourdot Dutra
Elia Merzari
65769 U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Performance Assessment Using the Versatile Economic Risk Tool (VERT) Jaden Miller
Spencer Ercanbrack
Chad Pope
65829 Analysis of Passive Tube Condensation With Non-Condensable Gas Using Heat and Mass Analogy Model Ugur Cotul
Shripad T. Revankar
64530 Study on Deteriorated Heat Transfer in Upward Flow of Supercritical Water in a 1-M Vertical Bare Tube Nikita Dort-Goltz
Igor Pioro
Jennifer Mckellar