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Awards Program

  • International Pipeline Community Members:

    At the 2020 International Pipeline Conference, the conference organizing committee will continue the tradition of honoring individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to the pipeline community.  There are four awards for your consideration for nomination.  The deadline for nomination is July 31st for all four awards.

    Best Regards,

    Taylor Shie
    Awards Committee Chair – 2020 International Pipeline Conference


    Distinguished Lecturer Award

  • Criteria
    • Nominees for the Distinguished Lecturer Award should be based on the development of their original work, how the work has evolved over time, and how the work aligns with technical approaches still used today.  The conference theme should also be considered in the nomination. 
  • Nominations
    • The nomination should provide a significant paper published over the past several decades by the Nominee that has provided a foundation for modern-day pipeline technology. 
    • Please submit a single e-mail with all backing information to no later than July 31st, 2020

    Global Pipeline Award

  • Criteria
    • The Award recognizes the pipeline technology innovation process in all phases; from the research laboratory through field applications; from technology incubators to development of markets for new products; from government agencies to private companies; and from individual projects to the consolidation of research and development results.
    • The Award is intended to:
      • Promote progress and international cooperation in the field of Pipeline Systems engineering
      • Support achievements in pipeline engineering education
      • Encourage the timely exchange of information among researchers and engineers
      • Promote technical activities, including conferences, in the field of Pipeline Technology
      • Promote safety and the public welfare
      • Promote global environment preservation
      • Promote public recognition of the pipeline industry
  • Nomination

    Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Criteria
    • A person or group that has demonstrated through their work and actions that the safety and economy, of pipeline systems has been advanced.  This demonstration could include a combination of long service, mentoring, development of new technologies, or processes.
    • This award will consider published work and presentations; however, such will not be the primary consideration in making the award.
    • The winner will be selected from the nominations based on a considered assessment of the merits (relative comparison) of their work and actions.
  • Nominations
    • The person must be nominated by a peer and with two supporting references
    • The nomination must include recommendation letter (max 500 words) that highlights the achievements of the person being nominated and why they are an ideal candidate for the award
    • Please submit a single nomination in PDF or Word form to no later than July 31st, 2020


  • Young Pipeline Professionals Award

  • Criteria
    • The award recognizes young pipeline professionals that have made a significant contribution to the energy pipeline industry by addressing challenges related to social, safety, integrity, operational excellence, or engineering issues. These future leaders have demonstrated an ability and willingness to influence the future of the energy pipeline industry in the 21st century.
    • The award is limited to pipeline professionals under the age of 35 years.
    • Must have a minimum of three years of experience in the pipeline industry (student co-op placements and internships are not to be included in the three years)
    • Applicants must work at a pipeline company, pipeline-related service provider, regulator, or other pipeline industry organization.  
    • Made a substantial contribution toward the betterment of the pipeline industry (e.g. the development or application of a new technology, significant involvement in an industry organization, or led a significant initiative for the betterment of their company)
    • Leveraged their experience and knowledge to create opportunities for and enhance the development of other young pipeline professionals
    • Led the promotion of the value and trustworthiness of the pipeline industry in a public manner (e.g. innovative technical presentations, other presentations, social media, etc.).
    • Demonstrate an ability and willingness towards continuous improvement for themselves, their company, and the industry as a whole
  • Nominations
    • Award candidates must include two written references:
      • One reference must be provided by an existing employer or client (max 500 words) to highlight exceptional leadership abilities and contributions to the industry
      • One reference must be a peer reference (max 500 words) to highlight current or previous work or volunteer experience
    • Nominees must also provide a personal statement (max 500 words) describing their career aspirations related to the energy pipeline industry. 
    • Nominees current resume
    • Please submit a single PDF or single word file containing all required documents and email  by no later than July 31st, 2020
  • For additional information see: Young Pipeline Professional Award page