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Solve Session

IPC’s 1st Ever Solve Session!

What? A Solve Session is a facilitated workshop where solutions to problems are crowdsourced Think hackathon but for problem solving.

How it works: The event will be kickstarted by a Blue-Sky thinking session to get those creative juices going. Participants will then break out into small groups where they will be provided a problem statement and asked to design a solution based on this year’s theme of “Innovating. Collaborating. Sharing.” with the help of the Solve Session facilitators. 

Where does the problem come from? YOU! Each IPC registrant will have the ability to submit a problem or issue that faces the pipeline industry today. Solve Session participants will then vote on which problem(s) they want to tackle during the session.

Want to volunteer to be a Solve Session facilitator? Contact Sheri Baucom at