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Call for Papers

ARPEL / ASME International Pipeline Geotechnical Conference 2021


Submission deadline – November 15, 2020

Virtual Conference – June 21-22, 2020

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Regional Association of Oil, Gas and Biofuels Sector Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARPEL) are co-organizing IPG 2021.

Both organizations are proud to present the 2021 International Pipeline Geotechnical Conference (IPG), an event to promote knowledge, sharing technological progress, and international co-operation for advancing the management of natural forces impacting pipelines.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts for substantive papers to the conference for peer review, inclusion in official ASME conference proceedings and eventual integration into the ASME Recommended Practice Document.

Abstracts may be submitted in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. Draft and final papers will only be accepted in English.

General topics for abstracts/papers include:

  • Track 1: Geohazard Considerations for Design and Construction
  • Track 2: Geohazard Risk Assessment and Pipeline Integrity Management Planning
  • Track 3: Monitoring, Mitigation and Emergency Repairs

For Conference and Sponsorship Questions Contact: Kim Miceli