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Plenary Talk

Thomas Kazior

Thomas E Kazior, PhD, IEEE Fellow

Program Manager
DARPA Microsystems Technology Office (MTO)

Presentation Title: Heterogeneous Integration (HI): An Enabler For Next Generation Systems

Abstract: To perform increasingly diverse missions in increasingly crowded EM environments, future sensor and communication systems will require increased bandwidth and sensitivity and enhanced functionality per unit area. These needs are driving sensor arrays towards higher levels of integration of a diverse set of materials, devices and components across multiple domains. This includes 3D solutions, particularly at millimeter wave and THz frequencies. This talk will present an overview of the evolution of heterogenous integration programs at DARPA and potential paths forward, including 3DHI at the transistor level being explored under the DARPA Heterogeneous Heterostructures (H2) and related programs.

Biography: Dr. Thomas E. Kazior joined DARPA in July 2020 as a program manager in the Microsystems Technology Office (MTO). His research interests include semiconductor material and device design, fabrication and integration processes including 3D heterogeneous integration (HI) of silicon and compound semiconductor and other non-silicon devices for RF arrays, and microwave/millimeter-wave/sub-millimeter-wave devices for sensors and communications.

Kazior received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in material science and engineering, specializing in electronic materials, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prior to joining DARPA, he was a senior principal fellow at Raytheon Company's Integrated Defense Systems. Kazior has co-authored more than 100 publications, contributed and invited conference papers, and a book chapter on compound semiconductor and heterogeneous integration technology. He also has more than 20 patents in semiconductor fabrication technology. Kazior participated in the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), co-authoring the analog mixed signal chapter. He is an IEEE fellow.