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Please join us at the Power conference and celebrate the Power Division’s 100th Anniversary.


Track Title Track Chair
1-1 Fuels, Combustion & Material Handling Ashwani Gupta
1-2 Combustion Turbine Combined Cycles Nick Gritz
1-3 Boilers & Heat Recovery Steam Generators Paul Weitzel
1-4 Virtual Plant and Cyber-Physical Systems Paolo Pezzini
1-5 Plant Development and Construction Frank Michell
1-6 Renewable Energy Systems David MacPhee
1-7 Heat Exchanger Technologies Andrew Rister
1-8 Steam Turbines, Generators and Auxiliaries Mike Smiarowski
1-9 Plant Performance Brian Wodka
1-10 Thermal Hydraulics and Computational Fluid Dynamics Donna Guillen
1-11 Water Management for Power Systems Jessica Mullen
1-12 Student Competition Andre Teixeira
1-13 Posters Tina Toburen