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Networking Roundtable

Join us and be a part of the Networking Roundtables being held on Tuesday, July 20th from 5:30PM – 6:20PM EST. Take this time to chat with your colleagues and explore important topics to the Power Generation community. You will have time to participate in two of the four topics being offered during this time period. These sessions will be 20 minutes long and repeat so that you can have more than one discussion and can engage with your colleagues.


Title: Cybersecurity in Power Generation

Description: Recent events like the Colonial Pipeline ransomware hack have reminded us of the vulnerabilities in our critical infrastructure. NERC has had established standards for 18 years now, known as NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). This roundtable will seek to promote discussion around the topic of cybersecurity and what it means for the power generation industry. From suppliers seeking to aid the industry in securing our generation assets from cyber threats using innovative products and services to the end users trying to navigate the web of compliance requirements while maintaining reliable generation, come ready to discuss this important topic with us!

Moderator: Jason Lee


Title: The POWER of Diversity of Thought

Description: Within the Power Division, we have people from many careers including, power professionals, managers, national labs, academia, regulators, salespeople, and more. We represent product development from conception to construction with theory, experiment, modeling, twinning, prototyping and all the stages connecting the two. We have career levels from student to the corporate CEO and everything in-between. We have participants from their 20s to their 70s. The synergy of these groups brings different viewpoints to the table and contributes in different ways to ultimate success!

Moderator: George Mesina


Title: Women in Power Generation

Description: Join us to hear about a few of the many successful women in the power industry, and share your experiences and/or ideas on how to attract and support the next generation of women in power. All are welcome!

Moderator: Tina Toburen


Title: Texas Power Grid

Description: The winter storm that struck Texas in February 2021 was extraordinary due to the combination of the low ambient temperatures, duration of the temperatures, and the complexity and coupling between failures of critical infrastructures. The consequences of the February 2021 Texas power failure are well known: Interrupted power to millions of people with cascading consequences of water system failures, loss of heat, loss of essential services like hospitals, and loss of life. During the roundtable we will discuss root causes that lead to the power crisis in Texas and the near total collapse of the electric grid.

Moderator: Frank Michell