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Moderator: Frank Michell
Panelist: Tony Licata
Panelist: Dr. Peter Schwarz

Description: The topics for the panel will include information on power plant retirements, the need to keep all forms of generating technologies in the mix, pros & cons for each generation technology and the economics driving the changes/retirements. Will explain that energy supply decisions need to be based upon sound economic analysis and include policy goals, impact on the environment, and sustainability. Future generations will bear the effects of decisions made today with regards to energy generation and supply technology changes. Challenges that utilities have with trying to reach low to zero net book value on an asset before retiring it will be discussed.


Moderators: Frank Michell & Navid Goudarzi
Panelist: John Grimes, ASME
Panelist: Luis Pulgarin, ASME
Panelist: Ahmad Al Rashdan, Ph.D., Idaho National Laboratory

Description: The panel will present information on ASME’s Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance (RfIM) Event and an update on the ASME’s Robotics standard Development activities which include UAS (drones) and Crawlers for Inspection and new robotic initiatives.

The panel will also discuss applications of drones in nuclear power plants and present an example of cutting edge drone technology enabling route-operatable unmanned navigation of drones (ROUNDS) without use of GPS under development by the Idaho National Laboratory.


Moderator: Andre Texiera
Panelists: TBD

Description: TBD


Moderator: Jane Hutt
Panelist: Tina Toburen
Panelist: TBD

Description: TBD


Moderator: Paolo Pezzini
Panelist: Chris Ritter
Panelist: TBD

Description: TBD


Moderators: Jason Lee and Mike Smiarowski
Panelist: Spencer Moore, VP Strategic Planning, Siemens Energy, Inc., Orlando, FL
Panelist: Xavier Dorai, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Babcock Power, Inc, Marlborough, MA
Panelist: TBD

Description: TBD