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EPRI Workshop on "Advantages of Feature and Component Tests"

Held in Collaboration with ASME 2022 PVP Conference
Las Vegas, USA
Thursday, July 21, 2022, 8:15 am – 6:00 pm Local time

This Event

The Workshop in 2022 will consider "Advantages of Feature and Component Tests". There will be 4 formal sessions each involving presentations from invited expert speakers followed by a discussion. All attendees will be encouraged to participate in the discussions on presentation specific topics and more broadly about issues linked to Feature type structural testing. Traditionally the design of components has been based on application of established formulae which link dimensions to operating conditions and conservative factors such as an allowable stress. These approaches generally provide reasonable performance for components operating under steady conditions. As power generation facilities are increasingly being required to operate in cyclic mode design challenges have increased. Indeed, for the most complex situations it is recognized that Design by Analysis is required. The capabilities of modern computer software typically expedite the analysis process, but it is increasingly necessary to be able to validate the results of analysis. The best validation involves comparison of predictions with the results of structural testing. The current Workshop will provide an inclusive forum for consideration of the planning and execution of Feature Tests and examples of analyses performed.

A formal Workshop agenda will be published in the very near future.