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Short Courses

NDE Performance: Imaging, Sizing and POD

Sponsored by the World Federation Nondestructive Evaluation Centers

Held in conjunction with the 46th Annual Review of Progress in QNDE

Red Lion Hotel on the River, Portland, OR

Saturday and Sunday, July 13-14, 2019

Abstract: Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) is a critical tool for ensuring safety, quality and reliability of many engineered systems. This short course/workshop will cover the metrics used to assess anomalies, including the type, shape, size and location, together with inspection performance measured using probability of detection (POD). Recent years have seen significant improvements in NDE equipment, including implementation of newer technologies, such as the ultrasonic phased array and X-ray computed tomography. The short course/workshop will benchmark the current state of the art in terms of data that can be provided to the NDE engineer and stress analyst who are seeking to assess capabilities to detect significant defects and make assessments of remaining safe life. Speakers will consider the major families of NDE methods (ultrasound, x-ray and electromagnetic) with respect to achievable performance for detection and characterization, including the use of model-assisted POD (MAPOD) in guiding activities. The final part of the event will look at the current challenges and future opportunities.


  1. Provide an overview of the state-of-the-art including recent advances in methods development and research findings to the NDE researcher and practitioner.
  2. Provide discussion of challenges and opportunities to identify potential new and emerging research directions and areas where collaborations are needed.

Organizing team: Leifur Leifsson (ISU), Leonard J. Bond (ISU) and Greg Selby (EPRI)

For additional information contact:

Leifur Thor Leifsson
Assistant Professor
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Iowa State University
1200 Howe Hall
537 Bissel Road
Ames, IA 50011-1096
(515) 294-6549