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Maintaining aging infrastructure in energy, oil and gas transportation is dangerous, challenging, and costly. Optimizing inspection, maintenance and repair is key to safe, efficient and profitable operations. Advanced robots, control systems, sensors, and end effectors provide intelligence and dexterity for performing tasks remotely or autonomously in complex environments. Robotics paired with artificial intelligence and advanced analytics will take inspection and predictive maintenance to the next level.

Why Attend Robotics for Inspection & Maintenance?

Located in the hub of Texas with easy access to a 52-acre training facility for emergency responders known as Disaster City®, this unique event will offer an interactive, realistic experience combining insightful presentations and case studies from industry leaders, engaging panel discussions and robotics and digital technologies exhibits, and live demonstrations ‘in the field’ around industrial assets.

Live Demonstrations

This event features cutting edge technologies in action on and around demonstration vessels, platforms and structures. The training facility has full-scale structures and artifacts providing a dynamic, real-life experience paired with the latest robotic inspection, repair and maintenance technologies. Emergency responders worldwide venture to Disaster City® for rescue and response training.

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