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Keynote Lecture
Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Grand Ballroom E/F, 2nd Floor

Donald Q. Kern Keynote Lecture
Dr. Yogendra Joshi
Professor, Georgia Inst Of Tech

Title: Multi-scale Thermal Management in Information Technology, Mobile Electronics, Off-Grid

Abstract: In this presentation, some of our activities over the past two decades in multi-scale thermal management of electronic systems will be described. With the recent end of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, which has guided research on thermal packaging of microprocessors for nearly a quarter century, significantly different challenges are on the horizon for high performance and mobile information technology systems. Heterogeneous integration through chip stacking promises to bring in multiple system functionalities in highly compact form factors, along with great challenges to thermal management. Recent and ongoing research on microfluidic cooling and sub-mm vapor chambers to address the high heat fluxes, and localized hot spots in these applications will be discussed. High performance information technology systems of the future will see these emerging technologies deployed in servers and cabinets in data centers, which currently consume nearly 3% of the generated electricity nationally, of which 20%-50% is towards thermal management. Characterizing and managing air flows in data centers to insure adequate cooling and energy efficiency, in the presence of varying workloads is a key challenge, and efforts in our laboratory to address this will be discussed. Control of thermal systems will play an increasingly important role in energy efficient operation of buildings and cities. The speaker will introduce some of the challenges by considering two areas of our focus, off-grid shelters and smart cities.

Dr. Lesia Protsailo
Senior Director, United Technologies Research Center

Title: Industry Perspective on Aerospace Technology Needs and Trends

Abstract: After many years of incremental innovation, we are in the golden age of invention in aerospace. With internet, computing, and auto industries leading the frontiers of innovation in the past decade, the defense aerospace industry still remains one of the most risk-averse sectors. Meanwhile, commercial technology players are highly motivated to develop new technologies and are setting up to support rapid innovation. Air transport passenger demand is expected to almost double in the next 15 years and increased competition in this industry drives the pace of technology development.

 In this keynote lecture we will take a look at some of the most interesting and exciting developments taking place in aerospace technology today and concentrate on few specific areas that are of higher interest for fundamental research. The focus will be on the technology trends that are coming to fruition now as well as many more expected on the horizon. Discussion around fundamental research interests will cover wide range of topics from advanced materials to additive manufacturing and technologies enabling sustainable and efficient hybrid and electric aircraft.

 While currently existing technologies continue to advance and penetrate industry driving next generation aerospace products, further advances are required in the science, technology and engineering in such areas as quantum computing, artificial intelligence-driven automation, virtual and augmented reality, and advanced electronics and sensor technologies as well smart and multifunctional materials.