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The STLC is developed and organized by the Student Leader Training Committee.

Meet the Student Leader Training Committee Team


Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham is the CEO and co-founder of Arke Aeronautics, a technology company that enables first responders to arrive faster and respond more effectively using autonomous unmanned aviation systems. He is also currently pursuing his MBA at Rowan University in Glassboro NJ and is the chair of Student Leader Training at ASME. Brandon is a Stanford University Innovation Fellow who is passionate about solving world problems with technology, growing early-stage entrepreneurship ecosystems, and working with students looking to build their leadership mindsets. Over the past four years, he has mentored more than 50 student and early-stage startups, launched 5 entrepreneurial programs on campus at Rowan University, and has taught the entrepreneurial mindset and design thinking to over 3000 people from 15 countries around the world.


Nicole Salloum

Nicole is a management and strategy consultant.

After earning her bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Nicole shifted her career into the business world by pursuing a Masters in Strategic Management at HEC Paris. This combination allows her to apply what she learned in engineering to solve business problems. Within ASME, Nicole was chair of the Student Leader Training team for 5 years. Currently, she focuses on the SLT expansion strategy, namely the implementation of leadership workshops globally.



Omar Kheir

Omar has been part of EPCOM since May 2019, as an expert in the area of process improvement/optimization, inventory management and forecasting, working on finding and implementing innovative solutions to the company's inter and intra-departmental processes that resulted in putting the company on track to profitability, saving more than 30 American jobs.

Omar is working on a society-wide LGBT+ Inclusion Initiative in collaboration with DISC under the Board of Governors, and is the Conference Content Lead for the Student Leader Training Committee. He is also part of the CEC team as the Product Manager, and is excited about the CEC's unique features and its potential in improving the lives and boosting the careers of so many engineers across the world that need it the most.