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In a nutshell

ASME's Student Leadership Training Conference (SLTC) is a 3-day exclusive leadership training offered to student members who are looking to enhance their soft skills, stay involved with ASME, and lead their teams in a more efficient and effective way.

Can I attend the SLTC?

  1. Eligibility
    You have to be an ASME registered member in order to attend the conference.

  2. Application Process

    The application process is split into two rounds:

    Round 1: Reimbursement Application

    If you are selected in the first round, you will be invited to attend the SLTC and get reimbursed your expenses (travel, accommodation, and meals)
    Only a limited number of students is selected for the first round due to budget constraints, so make sure you have a solid application!

    Round 2: Self-funded application

    This application is open for all student members who:
    • Are willing to pay their expenses
    • Are attending other sessions at the International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) and are free to attend the SLTC
    • Are funded by their schools or other sponsors to attend the SLTC