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SMMR Summit's Mission and Vision

  • Mission: The Small Modular and Micro Reactor summit is a vehicle to promote the technology and science behind the latest advanced nuclear reactors as a key element in solving the worlds clean energy problem by providing a unique and singular forum to bring together the advanced nuclear reactor designers, researchers, users, regulators, investors, as well as the general public in an environment that is conducive to open discussion so that all of the stakeholders can understand the benefits of small modular and micro reactors, their potential applications, and the issues that are hampering their development in order to rapidly bring about the necessary manufacturing environment and infrastructure to drive these technologies from ideas and concepts to commercial operation within this decade.  
  • Vision: To promote the ideas and concepts behind Small Modular and Micro Reactors and Advanced Nuclear Power Reactors to help bring about their construction and commercial operation before the end of the decade.

About ASME’s Nuclear Engineering Division

The ASME Nuclear Engineering Division (NED) focuses on the design, analysis, development, testing, operation and maintenance of reactor systems and components, nuclear fusion, heat transport, nuclear fuels technology and radioactive waste. They believe the time is now to develop newer, smaller, easy to site and construct nuclear power plants and let this high availability source of CO2 free power help us solve our climate dilemma.