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About TEC NExT

Event Information

ASME's TEC NExT – The Symposium for Newly Elected Leaders Training for Success. This event, formerly the Group Leadership Development Conference (GLDC), was created to provide newly elected volunteer leaders training and tools to help them prosper in their committee positions.

TEC NExT is the place to go to get guidance on what you will be doing in your year of leadership for your ASME committee. Many leaders find themselves in roles where guidance on expectations and best practices is useful. TEC NExT has been created to do exactly that!

TEC Sector

The Technical and Engineering Communities (TEC) Sector oversees technology groups, technical divisions and research committees. The Sector engages the extraordinary talents of its members to plan, develop and deliver technical content through existing and new conferences and events, as well as provide resources and subject matter expertise to create new opportunities for the spread of engineering knowledge. Through these efforts, members grow and develop personally and professionally. More information about the TEC Council:

Technical & Engineering Communities (TEC)

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