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Student Travel Awards

Student Advisory Committee Travel Award

Student Advisory Committee Travel Award (SACTA)

The SAC is pleased to announce that 20 Student Advisory Committee Travel Awards (SACTA), worth up to $2,000 each, have been made available to cover or partially cover student travel expenses to Turbo Expo 2020, with priority given to students who both participate in the conference and actively contribute to the growth of the SAC. Applicants for these awards must be seeking a degree and must be or plan to be members of the Student Advisory Committee (SAC). The applicant must agree to participate in the SAC Annual Meeting at Turbo Expo 2020 and willing to help SAC leadership team to review and set-up student posters. Communication with the SAC leadership team may be requested prior to, during, and following Turbo Expo 2020. Students interested in this award must submit the application by January 10, 2020. All applicants will be notified of the decision on their application by February 1, 2020. 

Submit Your SACTA Application

SACTA Application Submission Deadline
January 10, 2020
ASME 2019 Turbo Expo SACTA Winners

Congratulations to the ASME 2019 Turbo Expo SACTA Winners!

Jeffrey A. Bennett
University of Virginia

Lakshya Bhatnagar
Purdue University

James Braun
Purdue University

Bogdan Cernat
von Karman Institute / UCL Louvain

Louis E. Christensen
The Ohio State University

Andres Curbelo
University of Central Florida

Penghao Duan
Oxford University

Simone Giorgetti
Université Libre de Bruxelles

William, J. Gooding
Purdue University

Xiao He
Imperial College London

Shreyas Hegde
Duke University

Lachlan J. Jardine
University of Cambridge

Mavroudis D. Kavvalos
Mälardalen University (MDH)

Akshay Khadse
University of Central Florida

Sneha Neupane
University of Central Florida

Marcel Otto
University of Central Florida

Marek Pátý
Czech Technical University in Prague

Hien Minh Phan
University of Oxford

Smruti Sahoo
Mälardalens University

Jonathan R. Tobias
University of Alabama

ASME IGTI Young Engineer Turbo Expo Participation Award

The ASME IGTI Young Engineer Turbo Expo Participation Award (YETEP) is intended for young engineers working in industry, in government or in academia, engineering undergraduate or graduate students in the gas turbine or related fields to obtain travel funding to attend ASME Turbo Expo to present a paper or poster which they have authored or co-authored. The purpose is to provide a way for more to participate in the annual Turbo Expo Conference.

ASME TE19 D3 24 YETEP Winners

For 2020, ASME will provide YETEP Award winners with:

  • One Complimentary ASME Turbo Expo Technical Conference Registration
  • Complimentary hotel accommodations (Sunday to Friday)
  • Up to $1,000 USD reimbursement toward approved travel expenses

The nominee must have obtained an academic degree (Bachelor, Master, PhD, or equivalent degrees) in an engineering discipline related to turbomachinery within five years from the year of the Turbo Expo that the applicant wishes to attend. The paper or poster being presented can be research results from work completed either while pursuing an academic degree, or after leaving school and entering the job field.

Nomination deadline for ASME Turbo Expo 2020 - February 1, 2020.

Download the Young Engineer Turbo Expo Participation Award Application.

Congratulations to the ASME 2019 Young Engineer Turbo Expo Participant Award (YETEP) Winners!

Parash Agarwal
Cranfield University

Nikhil Baraiya
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Tania Sofia Cacao Ferreira
Von Karman Insitute/Universite catholique de Louvain

Xin Deng
University of Virginia

Antoine Durocher
McGill University

Theofilos Efstathiadis
University of Thessaloniki

Chiara Gastaldi
Politecnico Di Torino

Shuai Guo
Technical University of Munich, Thermo-Fluid Dynamics

Jee Hee University of Nottingham

Yousef Kanani
Illinois Institute of Technology

Bonjin Koo
Daikin Applied

Eric Kurstak
Ohio State University

Madasseri Payyappalli Manas
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)

Pedro Milani
Stanford University

Avinash Renuke
University of Genoa, Italy

Jon Runyon
Cardiff University

Jacob Snyder
Penn State University

Tingcheng Wu
Texas A&M University

Jing Yang
Texas A&M University

Wenqiang Zhang
Imperial College London

Nathan Balke
Formosa Plastics Corp USA

Cis Guy M De Maesschalck
Rolls-Royce PLC