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Student and Early Career Engineer Conference Activities

ASME's IGTI Division, in conjunction with the Student Advisory Committee (SAC), offers many opportunities for students, as well as early career engineers. These include networking events, experience reviewing papers, and even Turbo Expo travel awards. Read more on these and other benefits of getting involved below.


The Career in Turbomachinery panel, hosted by ASME & Organized by ETN Global, features distinguished presenters from both industry and academia, at various stages of their careers to provide career guidance. All student and early career registrants are invited to participate in this event.

  • Explore the diverse career paths available within the turbomachinery sector.
  • Share personal career stories and experiences.
  • Offer valuable advice and actionable solutions to help guide your career journey.

Event Panel

Prof. Abdulnaser Sayma

Prof. Abdulnaser Sayma
Professor of Energy Engineering
Director of Energy, Environment and Net-Zero Research Centre
City, University of London

Dr. Angela Serra

Dr. Angela Serra
Senior Technical Advisor at Emissions
Baker Hughes

Dr. Yogiraj Pardhi

Dr. Yogiraj Pardhi
Global Lead for Additive Manufacturing
Sulzer Services

Dr. Jon Runyon

Dr. Jon Runyon
Gas Turbine Combustion Engineer
Uniper Technologies Limited

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The Student & Early Career Networking Mixer is open to all conference participants and allows for both junior and senior attendees to socialize, network and discuss matters relevant to the turbomachinery field. Hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be available to all attendees. Attendees are encouraged to meet up with old friends, make new contacts and kick-off the conference week. There will be both structured and unstructured opportunities to interact with peers and touch upon pressing topics that impact the turbomachinery community. More information regarding the available structured lectures and career talks is available here:

Category 1 – Lectures

  • Pod 1: AI in Turbomachinery
Richard Sandberg

Richard Sandberg
University of Melbourne

Liping Wang

Liping Wang
Technology Manager
GE Aerospace

Akin Keskin

Akin Keskin
VP Digital
Rolls Royce

The latest advances in the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence have introduced tremendous opportunities for synergy with the turbomachinery industry. The speakers in this pod will focus on the applications of data driven methods on a wide range of turbomachinery engineering applications. Applications range from classical statistics, predictive maintenance to flow field modelling. A series of 3 lectures will expand on the topic of AI in turbomachinery and futuristic applications.

  • Pod 2: Entrepreneurship in the Gas Turbine Industry
Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee
Convergent Science, Inc.

Seeking entrepreneurship opportunities in the field of aerospace engineering after graduation? Then this is the place for you! Come listen to Dr Daniel Lee on his entrepreneurship journey at Convergent Science, an innovative, rapidly expanding combustion computational fluid dynamics (CFD) company. Daniel will touch upon his 25-year-old journey of the company, the challenges encountered, and the fun involved.

  • Pod 3: Green Energy and Net-zero Goals
Sean Bradshaw

Sean Bradshaw
Senior Fellow
Pratt & Whitney

As climate change remains a significant challenge, there is a strong need for the turbomachinery industry to de-carbonize. Dr. Sean Bradshaw from Pratt & Whitney will discuss advances in this industry to move towards a net zero goal and will serve as an inspiration for students and early career engineers to contribute towards the development of this technology for decades to come.

Category 2 – Career Talks

  • Pod 4: Weaving ASME and the Gas Turbine Engine Community into Your Career
Eric Ruggiero

Eric Ruggiero
Engineering Executive
Edison Works

Wondering how to remain active in the gas turbine and aerospace engineering community after graduation? Do you have questions on volunteering opportunities available across ASME and other organizations and be part of the largest communities devoted to aerospace engineering? Then this is the session for you! Hear from Dr Eric Ruggiero- an accomplished and recognized leader in the gas turbine industry who has devoted countless hours for the service of this community.

  • Pods 5 & 6: Career Talks from Industry and Academia
Nicole Key

Nicole Key
Purdue University

Dr. Angela Serra

Dr. Angela Serra
Senior Technical Advisor, Emissions
Baker Hughes

Career Talks allow students and early career engineers to hear from real-life role models. The goal is to equip the audience with the inspiration and information to make better-informed decisions about their future career paths.

Join us for a career talk with Prof Nicole Key, Professor at Purdue University, who will be sharing her experiences on her career path in academia, transition from being a graduate student to a professor, insights, advice, and talk about career prospects in her field.

Join us for a career talk with Dr. Angela Serra, Senior Technical Advisor on Emissions, Baker Hughes, who will be sharing her experiences on her career path, from research engineer to a senior technical role in sustainability, and insightful advice on how to navigate change on the road toward energy transition.


Organized by the IGTI Turbo Expo Student Advisory Committee and the Early Career Engineer Programming Committee

Michael Alley
Teaching Professor, Engineering Communication
Pennsylvania State University

Abstract: In the presentation of our gas turbine research, our most important goals are that the audience understands, remembers, and believes the presentation's content. However, all of us have a secondary goal—namely, that we present with confidence. In a presentation, we are tested on two types of confidence: (1) the confidence that we feel inside ourselves and (2) the confidence that we project to the audience. Building on the ASME online workshop given in May on the assertion-evidence approach, this workshop at IGTI discusses how to achieve both types of confidence.

Participants will have the opportunity to present their initial slides in small groups and receive feedback within a 5-minute timeframe, so please remember to bring your own laptop with your presentation for full participation in the workshop.

About the Speaker: Holding a master of science in electrical engineering and a master of fine arts in writing, Michael Alley is a teaching professor of engineering communication at Pennsylvania State University. He is the author of The Craft of Scientific Presentations (Springer, 2013), which has been translated to Japanese and Chinese, and The Craft of Scientific Writing (Springer, 2018). Over the past decade, he has taught presentations and writing to engineers and scientists on four continents. Sites include Google, Harvard Medical School, MIT, Texas Instruments, the University of Oslo, and the University of Michigan. In addition, Alley's websites on presentations and on writing are leading websites for presenting and writing as an engineer or scientist.

Consider attending the corresponding webinar titled "Preparing Your IGTI Presentation" taking place on May 28: REGISTER HERE.

Recommended Preparation Assignment for May 28 Workshop
Please spend 10 minutes viewing the first three films at the following tutorial on the assertion-evidence approach and then download one of the assertion-evidence templates to begin creating a couple of slides for your research presentation.


Important Dates
Application Submission Deadline: June 7, 2024
Notification Date: June 14, 2024
SAC Annual Meeting: June 27, 2024 (4-6 pm)

The Student Advisory Committee Vice Chair is responsible for supporting the chair's activities and acting as a representative for the committee if the chair is not available. The Vice Chair is also responsible for supervising subcommittees, and for recruiting and leading student technical committee liaisons. The Vice Chair, who is actively involved in the SAC's decision-making process, will go on to succeed the SAC Chair the following year. More information for the duties of the Vice Chair position can be found in the respective application.

To be accepted as a candidate for the Vice Chair position, the applicant must maintain the student status for the length of their service as a Vice Chair and as the Chair the following year. Applications of students with graduation dates indicating that the student status ends prior to the potential Chair service period will not be accepted.

Students interested in applying for the Vice Chair position shall submit the below application, accompanied by a resume or CV, advisor's letter, and student certification to the SAC by June 7th, 2024.

Vice Chair Application

Students may also apply for the Student Advisory Committee Secretary position. The student serving this role is responsible for drafting all formal correspondence for the committee. The selected candidate will take notes during all committee meetings, distribute the meeting minutes to committee members, coordinate monthly SAC meetings, and keep track of committee action items.

To apply for the secretary position, students shall submit the below application, along with a resume or CV, advisor's letter, and student certification to the SAC by June 7th, 2024.

Secretary Application


The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting takes place every year during the ASME Turbo Expo. All student conference attendees are welcome to join and start their SAC journey by becoming members. During this meeting, esteemed speakers and members of International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI) executive committee may be invited to give a brief presentation and answer any questions. The SAC initiatives and associated statistics throughout the year are presented and, finally, the election process for the next SAC Vice-Chair and Secretary takes place.

Note: All student travel award recipients and student liaisons are expected to attend this meeting.


The Student Poster Competition is a major event organized by the SAC at Turbo Expo. Presenting a poster is an excellent opportunity to display research outside of a paper while still contributing to the continuing advancements in the turbomachinery community. To be eligible to present a poster, the presenting author must have completed the research presented on the poster while seeking a degree at a university at an undergraduate (Bachelor's) or graduate level (Master's or PhD). Submit your research and contribute to the continuing conversation on advancements in turbine technology.

For more information, visit the Student Poster Competition Page.