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Why Attend

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For years, medicine has relied on preclinical and clinical trials as the gold standard to evaluate a drug, a medical device, or other healthcare product. Engineering technology is revolutionizing that gold standard.

Medicine—including medical devices and pharma/biotech—is in the process realizing the full potential modeling and simulation can bring, especially to expedite solutions to combat COVID-19. But, greater understanding of how to harness the power of modeling and simulation requires knowledge and how to apply it.

VisualizeMED is enabling the transformation of modeling and simulation in medicine by bringing to you the trailblazers of technology and masters of technique who are effectively implementing it. The goal: increased application and adoption of modeling and simulation in medicine on a global scale.

Learn | See | Network – from the comfort of your own home!

  • 20+ Hours of all new content
  • 1:1 Meetings & networking opportinities with leading experts in Modeling & Simulation
  • Meet and participate in Q&A sessions with speakers in topic-specific chatrooms
  • Learn about the latest technology developments, leveraging modeling and simulation in medicine, and much more
  • Get access to 2 additional cutting edge workshops on Cryopreservation & Supply Chain and ASME's V&V 40 standard which holds the key to verification and validation of models that can accelerate development and regulatory approvals

Topics Include: 

  • Modeling and Simulation in Medicine
  • Accelerating adoption of M&S in medicine and increasing use in pharma/drug delivery
  • Cardiology, orthopedics, bioreactors, and more
  • Fostering the translation of research activities and discoveries in computational methods to clinical practice
  • Focus on use of modeling and simulation to expedite product development and regulatory approval

Challenges for Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Companies:

  • Patients need more personalized care 
  • Hospitals, insurers, and policy makers want to lower healthcare costs 
  • Need to reduce time and cost to bring new products to market 
  • Complicated medical regulations may be confusing or cumbersome to navigate