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Education Overview

Get Your Digitalization Roadmap

Curated by our Event Advisory Committee, the program is reviewed and updated each year to meet the accelerated needs of the energy industry as it continues its shift toward digitalization. Presented by the best and brightest technical experts, business strategists, and influencers, the agenda is designed to be relevant to both new industry professionals and those experienced with digital technologies.

From foundational to applicational solutions, our experts will share proven tactics to convert your existing data into meaningful and actionable information.



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Education Topics

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

  • Bringing down the costs of wind, who is currently working on additive manufacturing in the wind industry?
  • Where are we now and where are we going?
  • Highlight opportunities that exist for the supply chain to innovate.
Digital Twins

Digital Twins

  • How are digital twins transforming operations and maintenance of the renewable energy industry?
  • Discussion of drivers and barriers in adoption and application.
  • Figure out which digital twin is right for you and see use cases and product demonstrations from the company themselves.
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

  • The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to make wind, solar and storage more predictable and valuable.


  • With data being one of your most important assets, how do you start to position your data to drive value? Hear how companies are using data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things to drive innovation throughout the data lifecycle.
  • Can open-source projects be the foundation for a new paradigm shift for the wind and solar industry?
Robotics & Drones

Robotics & Drones

  • How can drones and robots help us optimize and push the performance of wind turbines?
  • How are we pushing the design and performance capabilities of robots and drones to perform these tasks?
  • How are these technologies being developed from concept to commercialization and what will it take to get there?
The Future of Operations & Maintenance

The Future of Operations & Maintenance

  • Hear how companies are boosting efficiency and optimizing maintenance through data, predictive analytics, and collaboration tools while realizing that people are key to technology-driven transformations.
  • What lessons have we learned from onshore wind that can we take and apply to offshore wind.

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