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AIM-PIMG Asset Integrity Management - Pipeline Integrity Management Under Geohazard Conditions

Norris Conference Center - Houston/CityCentre, Houston, Texas

Conference: March 25 – 28, 2019
Exhibition: March 25 – 26, 2019

Asset Integrity Management – Pipeline Integrity Management Under Geohazard Conditions Conference will present in one venue the advances in managing ground movement hazards that have been made in the last decade. Ground movements, such as landslides and subsidence/settlement, can pose serious threats to the integrity of pipelines. Girth welds tend to be the weakest link in the integrity of a pipeline subjected to ground movement hazards. Unfortunately, girth welds made to comply with industry standards such as API 1104 are not guaranteed to have high resistance to longitudinal stresses or strains. In addition, ASME codes such as B31.8 specifies that the maximum permitted longitudinal strain is to 2% without providing any direction on how to ensure that the pipe can meet this strain capacity. The technical presentations will focus on topics addressing design, qualification and construction of new pipelines and integrity management of existing pipelines and identifies any remaining gaps in existing regulations and industry codes. In additional to the technical sessions, two panel sessions are organized for regulators to discuss regulation philosophy and for pipeline operators/owners to discuss safe pipeline management strategies.

General Topics

  1. Geologic Processes and Ground Movement Hazards
  2. Failure Modes and their Predictions
  3. Characterization of Stresses and Strains Affecting Girth Weld Performance
  4. In-Line Inspection and Sizing of Girth Weld Defects
  5. Identification and Measurement of High Strain
  6. Fitness for Service Assessment
  7. Mitigation, Monitoring and Repairs
  8. Pipeline Overall Management Process
  9. Gaps in Current Codes and Standards
  10. Pipe Specifications and Welding Practice for Stain-Resistant Pipelines

Important Dates

  • March 25 2019
    AIM-PIMG 2019 Conference
  • November 08 2018
    Author Notification of Abstract Acceptance
  • November 01 2018
    Submission of Abstract
  • January 17 2019
    Submission of Full-Length Paper for Review