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Digital Twin Summit
Gateway to the Future of Manufacturing
Virtual Event
May 12 - 13, 2021
Save the Date! The next Digital Twin Summit is taking place virtually October 19-20, 2021.

Solutions with Real-World Benefits

Digital Twin is an analytics-driven approach to design, testing, manufacturing, and support of products and operations. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) recognizes the importance of providing industrial organizations with the knowledge to strategically identify and implement predictive capabilities for applications spanning the enterprise and beyond. 

Our virtual event took place May 12–13, 2021, and featured keynotes and sessions by industry leaders, influencers, technical experts, and those looking to be on the cutting edge of digital twin capabilities. 

The latest trends, technologies, and innovations 

Deploying digital twins requires a multifaceted technology strategy which combines leadership vision, technology investment, and prudent execution. 

Today, industry leaders are using digital twins to gain unprecedented insights into products, services, and operations. While some organizations have started the journey towards building data-driven capabilities, many lack proper understanding when it comes to starting or advancing beyond trial implementations. 

Learn from leading experts who have had success in the implementation of digital twin-based solutions across a range of asset intensive industries. Gain insights on how organizations are converting data into meaningful and actionable information to improve efficiency, build resiliency, and gain a competitive edge as a result. 

This event provided an interactive virtual space for attendees to: 

  • Connect with digital twin experts and influencers—join like-minded individuals who are ready to share their digital twin journey. 
  • Acquire new perspectives and ideas—define strategic enterprise goals for implementing digital twin and gain valuable insights applicable to your situation. 
  • Learn in a digital environment—acquire insider knowledge on digital trends, new technologies, and innovations—virtually, on a proven industry-leading event platform. 
  • Invest in professional development and build networks—invest in yourself as you discover new avenues to drive effective digital operations. 
  • Attain a deeper understanding of the latest tools and processes—find yourself at the forefront of building data-driven operations and learn how to reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

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