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Digital Twin 2020 Conference
The Vision of Virtual Work in the 21st Century
In-person Event
Melbourne, FL, USA
November 11 - 12, 2020

Digital Twin is the Gateway to the Future of Manufacturing

COVID-19 update available 

Be part of the premier industrial Digital Twin conference, brought to you by ASME in collaboration with Florida Tech. Join cross-industry experts as they share their experiences and the benefits of virtual work today. Equipment reliability improves. Predictive maintenance eliminates unplanned downtime. Product planning can be informed by real-time market dynamics. New service-based product solutions are developed and deployed to create additional revenue streams. Supply chain visibility is enhanced leading to improved customer satisfaction. For business leaders, Digital Twin models can provide both a global view of multiple factories as well as a granular view into each plant, production line, or individual pieces of equipment allowing them to seamlessly view and assess key metrics.

Attend the Digital Twin 2020 conference to collaborate with industry peers who share a digital-first vision. Over the course of two days, you'll learn:

  • How to use digital twin methods to drive proactive, lean, manufacturing operations

  • Expertise in identifying, developing, and implementing digital twin solutions

  • A range of applications for your existing engineering ecosystem

Digital Twin 2020 was designed and created in collaboration with Dr. Michael Grieves, the founder of the Digital Twin concept at Florida Tech.

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