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About Metrix
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About Metrix

Metrix, An ASME CompanyMetrix is an integrated events and content platform for engineers and technical professionals focused on digital transformation in industries from aerospace and automotive to energy, medical, and more. Metrix hosts expert content, thought leadership, communities, and innovation both on-line and off-line, with the latest objective views on the future of engineering in additive manufacturing/3D printing, robotics, digital twin technology, and energy transformation. The company acts as the exclusive agent for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)'s Mechanical Engineering® brand of media products. For more information, including upcoming events, technical resources, and marketing solutions for companies serving engineers and other innovators, visit and follow @metrixconnect on Twitter.

About the Digital Twin Summit

The Digital Twin Summit, powered by Metrix, an ASME company, provides a cross-industry platform to learn, collaborate, define objectives, and discuss applications that showcase the untapped potential of the data contained within your organization today. 

Our speakers are the authority on digital twins and will address all aspects of the digital lifecycle: data analytics, artificial intelligence, smart products, generative design, additive manufacturing, proactive quality control, intelligent systems, and cybersecurity. The event features a dynamic experience that merges individual speaker presentations, panel discussions, networking, and focused learning.