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Education Overview

Get Your Digital Twin Roadmap

Curated by our Event Advisory Committee, the program is reviewed and updated each year to meet the accelerated needs of industry. Presented by the best and brightest technical experts, business strategists, and influencers, the agenda is designed to be relevant to both new industry professionals and those experienced with digital twins.

From foundational to applicational solutions, our experts will share proven tactics to convert your existing data into meaningful and actionable information. Build your digital twin capabilities today, before it becomes a requirement for doing business tomorrow.



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Education Topics

ROI & Value Creation

ROI & Value Creation

  • Examples of leading industrial applications that are creating value.
  • Why proving value out of the starting block is critical to long term success.
  • What are the value traps and mistakes that should be avoided?
  • Tips and strategies to showcase many of the intangible benefits digital twins deliver.
Data Analytics & Architecture

Data Analytics & Architecture

  • Demystify how raw data is processed into actionable and insights.
  • How to drive your data strategy with your business use case.
  • What does the data and analytics ecosystem of solutions include?
  • How to evolve capabilities from descriptive to predictive.
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Algorithms

AI, ML, & Algorithms

  • What's involved in using AI/ML solutions?
  • What's does the technology ecosystem look like?
  • What's hype, reality, and is my organization ready for it?
  • What are the most common uses cases today?
Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

  • What types of sensors are used and how are they integrated into the analytics solution?
  • How is the data captured processed and synthesized?
  • How to implement a predictive maintenance strategy.
Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

  • Virtually commission your automation projects.
  • The types of solutions required to gain deeper into machine performance, efficiency, and maintenance intervals.
  • How digital twins uncover problems in your asset lifecycle.
  • What's needed to deliver the correct data insights to different people across the organization.
Product Presentations


  • How to secure IT/OT convergence.
  • Prudent practices that can be implemented today.
  • What are the types of threats and risks both internal and external?
  • Cybersecurity considerations in the era of remote work/access.

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