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Summit Overview

Get Your Digital Twin Roadmap

The Digital Twin Summit is a unique opportunity to tap into the expertise of industry leaders on topics ranging from data analytics, modeling and simulation, and artificial intelligence/machine learning to strategy development, cybersecurity, and defining your ROI. Presented by the industry's best and brightest, the agenda is designed to be relevant to both new industry professionals and those experienced with digital twins. 

With leading-edge case studies, technology innovations, process improvements, design advancements, and practical applications, Digital Twin Summit’s two-day program provides the information you need to successfully adopt and implement digital twin solutions.  

Attend some or all from your home, office or anywhere - it’s up to you! 



Foundational to Applicational

Curated by our Event Advisory Committee—an expert panel of digital twin industry professionals—the program is reviewed and updated each year to meet the accelerated needs of digital transformation. Join us and hear perspectives from 35+ digital twin experts and influencers, dive into key issues and trends affecting engineers right now, see solutions in action, or find your next potential opportunity to collaborate.

Topics and areas of coverage include:

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • What's involved in using AI/Machine Learning solutions?
  • What's does the technology ecosystem look like?
  • What's hype, reality, and is my organization ready for it?
  • What are the most common uses cases today?

Asset Integrity Management

  • What types of sensors are used and how are they integrated into the analytics solution?
  • How is the data capture processed and synthesized?
  • How to implement a predictive maintenance strategy.


  • Leverage your CAD and PLM data downstream to breakdown silos to start building a digital organizational mindset.
  • Best practices for using modeling and simulation tools to accelerate product designs and reduce physical testing.
  • What level of integration is needed between enterprise software solutions to match your business goals?

Data & Analytics

  • The importance of a data governance strategy.
  • How to drive your data strategy with your business use case.
  • What does the data and analytics ecosystem of solutions include?
  • How to evolve capabilities from diagnostic analytics to predictive analytics.
  • How to become selective in the types of data you are collecting.

Industrial Cybersecurity

  • How to secure IT/OT convergence.
  • Cybersecurity best practices that can be implemented today.
  • What are the types of threats and risks both internal and external.
  • Cost effective solutions to increasing your cyber defense.
  • Cybersecurity considerations in the era of remote work/access.

Industrial IoT

  • The power of DT’s to virtually validate the performance of your automation projects.
  • The types of solutions required to gain deeper into machine performance, efficiency, and maintenance intervals.
  • How DT's uncover problems in your asset lifecycle.
  • What's needed to provide the correct data insights to different people across the organization.

Networking & Collaboration

  • Build relationships that power you forward in topic-specific chat rooms.
  • Meet our trailblazing speakers and get your specific questions answered.
  • Raise a glass, have some fun, and meet up in a virtual social setting.