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Topic 1: Trends and the Future Form and Function

Energy portfolios for various countries vary significantly depending on the natural resources available in these countries and in a world where renewables and alternate energy sources are on the rise, the need to use and benefit from Existing Infrastructure is a must. Climate change is a global phenomenon and requires worldwide efforts to control. Therefore, one needs to have a favorable Global Energy Portfolio for which worldwide energy trends are discussed in view of new emerging technologies and developments. Clean energy generation, usage, competition, and resources can be used to strategically balance the overall energy portfolio to combat climate changes, resulting in benefits worldwide. How can system operations help to ensure the right levels of safety, reliability and efficiency in everything that relates to transmission and distribution grid management?

Topic 2: New Nuclear

As energy sources change to meet stringent environmental rules, nuclear power continues to provide a source of carbon free steady reliable electrical power. As technologies change, nuclear power is evolving to become more cost competitive and provide higher standards of safety. This track emphasizes the role of nuclear power in the carbon free production of power and displays the latest design philosophies that are making this technology less costly, safer and the potential go to power source for decades to come.

Topic 3: Emerging Renewables

There is an increased focus on supporting Emerging Technologies in the clean energy space. Rising world population and technology challenges have sparked creativity, efficiency, and eco-friendly developments in order to improve environmental impact. In this track several novel energy technologies and their integration in the energy landscape will be discussed.

Topic 4: The Future Energy Mix

With the continuing drive to reduce emissions globally, the question is raised of what is the future of oil and gas in the power industry? This track focuses on the options and new technologies that impact the future operation and usage of the traditional oil and gas power generating facilities. This includes using liquified natural gas and exploring other clean energy options for from petroleum such as seabed hydrates, along with utilizing off-shore wind as viable alternative.

Topic 5: Energy Storage

New energy technologies have been on the rise in recent years. The evolution of energy storage has increased in order to improve the reliability, flexibility, and security of these new emerging technologies. This track will include discussions about existing power delivery issues, and how to modernize the grid in order to continuously provide power to the world.

Topic 6: Cutting Edge Transportation

Discussion on vehicle powering, advanced engines, electrical vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, long-term car batteries and frame and vehicle design. Discussion on advanced air frames, supersonic flight, hybrid propulsion, enabling technologies for advanced aircraft, and propulsion design with hybrid systems. This session would be designed to support both aerial and terrestrial applications with discussions on CO2 neutral fuels, jet engine fuels, automotive fuels for advanced engines and hydrogen fuels. This session would be designed to support both aerial and terrestrial applications with discussions on unmanned vehicles – technologies for unmanned terrestrial and aerial vehicles, automating the unmanned Infrastructure - traffic challenges; communication between unmanned vehicles; Integration of unmanned vehicles with man, safety issues and legal issues in the unmanned space.