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ASME Innovators in Clean Energy

As you gear up for the 2020 edition of ASME’s Advanced Clean Energy Summit, we invite you to the new ASME podcast series on Clean Energy technologies titled “Innovations in Clean Energy”. Join podcast host Bob Stakenborghs as we find new clean energy technology companies and engage their founders in a conversation about clean energy technology and markets. So listen in and find out about the latest trends and techniques in the clean energy market.


ASME's Advanced Clean Energy Summit Webinar Series

If you can’t wait for ASME’s second annual Advanced Clean Energy Summit, tune into our new ACES Webinar Series. We will be hosting a variety of speakers that will provide insight on the full spectrum of new and emerging clean energy technologies including the latest market trends, technical developments, challenges, and future state of the energy field.

These webinars will be a preview of the Advanced Clean Energy Summit which is designed to help business leaders harness theirs company’s potential by understanding how to incorporate hybrid technologies into their portfolio and optimize innovation in clean energy engineering, design, and project delivery knowledge.

If you are interested in participating or sponsoring either our Webinar Series or Podcast, please contact Camille Cruz.