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Collaborating for Progress

With nearly daily advancements in medicine, you are focused on improving patient care. Precision medicine is becoming truly personalized with the growth of point-of-care manufacturing enabled by collaboration across disciplines - surgery, radiology, and engineering. From anatomical models and assistive devices to surgical guides, 3D printing in hospitals is proving to be a valuable clinincal tool. Even with process challenges and limited budgets, innovations in manufacturing, technology and infrastructure are aimed at impacting more patients with the benefits of 3D printing.

“It is satisfying to know that you are going to change somebody’s life with 3D printing and making a surgery even possible with this new technology.”
- Nicole Wake, Montefiore Medical Center

AM Medical is your connection to accessing expert-led technical updates, networking with other professionals and brainstorming solutions with other 3D printing professionals. Immerse yourself in the 3D applications that are changing the future of healthcare.

This is where medicine and technology meet to transform lives. And it’s where your work can continue to make a difference.

Transform Your Future