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Who Attends

AM Medical is focused on community. For those dedicated to impacting healthcare with innovative devices, patient communication and successful outcomes across multiple disciplines, AM Medical is where you belong. It’s where you can find the manufacturing solutions for your specific needs.

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Credit: Stryker

“I’m currently at a pediatric company that focuses on implants that need a patient-matched fit, and our patients have deformities that don’t accept standard size implants. It is satisfying to work with the patients to develop solutions for them that can alleviate their pain or offer them somewhat normal mobility.”

- Reese Myers
WishBone Medical


Meet design and manufacturing professionals who understand the value of 3D solutions and the efficiencies and innovation possible with additive manufacturing. Learn More

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Credit: Children's Hospital - St. Louis

“I’m looking forward to the event. Everyone I collaborate with will be there and I want to discover new technologies that will allow me to improve my patients’ treatments.”

- Dr. Jane Matsumoto
Mayo Clinic


See how 3D models, surgical planning solutions, and opportunities for patient-specific implants will revolutionize your patient care. Learn More

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Credit: Formlabs

“Additive Manufacturing is the next step forward in dental – the next step forward in the digital world. It allows dental labs to produce work with high speed and low cost. Dental lab has been working with subtractive manufacturing, now they do things they could not do before.”delivering

- Steven Koda


Create the perfect smile with 3D planning solutions and patient-matched instruments. Learn More

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Credit: Flickr/Organovo

“I have a family connection... my brother has a heart defect, I want to be a part of the solution.”

- Adam Jakus
Dimension Inx


Hear how thought leaders are leveraging 3D printing to address unmet patient needs. Learn More