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Engineers & Device Manufacturers

Accelerating Innovation

You’re constantly dealing with the complexities of materials and regulatory processes and you know that the people working with medical additive manufacturing are passionate about the future and the role your designs and devices play. From serialized production to patient-matched devices, your work has a major impact on healthcare and patient care.

“I’m currently at a pediatric company that focuses on implants that need a patient-matched fit, and our patients have deformities that don’t accept standard size implants. It is satisfying to work with the patients to develop solutions for them that can alleviate their pain or offer them somewhat normal mobility.”
- Reese Myers, WishBone Medical

AM Medical is your connection to information to make it work in real-world settings, and the experts using manufacturing and technology to change lives. Immerse yourself in the community of professionals seeking to shape the future of healthcare.

This is where medicine and technology meet to transform lives. And it’s where your work can make a difference.

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