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Conference Agenda

Monday Oct 7 8:00am-8:15am
Welcome / Opening Remarks: James Van de Ven
Monday Oct 7 8:15am-9:55am
Session 1 5 papers - Chair: Damiano Padovani
Control Design Methodologies
and Techniques for Fluid Power Systems 1
FPMC2019-1664 High-precision model based control of pressure compensated directional valve Santeri Lampinen
FPMC2019-1649 Active ride control for construction machines based on pressure feedback Riccardo Madau
FPMC2019-1643 Intelligent Machine Operator Identification to Develop Damage-Reducing Operating Strategies for Mobile Machines Lars Brinkschulte
FPMC2019-1710 A Control Algorithm For Active/Passive Hydraulic Winches Used In Active Heave Compensation Geir-Arne Moslått
FPMC2019-1694 Design and Control of Flexible Joint Hydraulic Actuator as Series Elastic Actuators for Manipulation Applications Mohammad M. Aref
Monday Oct 7 10:15am-12:15pm  
Session 2 6 papers - Chair: Andrew Plummer  
Modeling and Design of Fluid Power Components
FPMC2019-1654 Analytical Modeling, Analysis, and Experimental Results of a Hydraulic Artificial Muscle Prototype Jonathon E. Slightam
FPMC2019-1671 Improving the Efficiency and Dynamic Properties of a Flow Control Unit in a Self-locking Compact Electro-Hydraulic Cylinder Drive Lasse Schmidt
FPMC2019-1689 Mass Estimation of Self-Contained Linear Electro-Hydraulic Actuators and Evaluation of the Influence on Payload Capacity of a Knuckle Boom Crane Søren Ketelsen
FPMC2019-1653 Modeling, Validation, and Investigation of an Electrohydraulic Crimping Hand Tool Eric Norquist
FPMC2019-1683 Stirling Thermocompressor:  Lumped Parameter Modeling and Experimental Impact of Displacer Motion Profile on Efficiency and Power Eric Barth
FPMC2019-1675 Efficiency Optimized Pneumatic Pressure Booster Olivier Reinertz
Monday Oct 7 12:15pm-1:15pm
Monday Oct 7 1:15pm-3:15pm
Session 3 6 papers - Chair: Matthias Liermann  
New Approaches to System Modeling and System Design
FPMC2019-1678 Concept Studies On A Hybrid Electro-Hydraulic System For Hydraulic Supply And High Lift Actuation In Aircraft Lennard Nordmann
FPMC2019-1601 Influence of Inertia Terms on High Pressure Gap Flow Applications in Hydraulics Felix L. Fischer
FPMC2019-1604 Modelling and reducing fuel flow pulsation of a fuel-metering system by improving response of the pressure control valve during pump mode switching in a turbofan engine Seiei Masuda
FPMC2019-1688 H2-optimal low order transmission line models Bernhard Manhartsgruber
FPMC2019-1635 Physically Motivated Simulation of Dynamic Hydraulic Seals Julian Angerhausen
FPMC2019-1630 A New EHA Designed for Lower-Body Exoskeleton Xiaoping Ouyang
Monday Oct 7 3:45pm-5:05pm
Session 4 4 papers - Chair: Travis Wiens  
Safety, Reliability, Fault Analysis and Diagnosis
FPMC2019-1685 Application of Data Reduction Techniques to Dynamic Condition Monitoring of an Axial Piston Pump Travis Wiens
FPMC2019-1667 Investigating Fault Detection and Diagnosis in a Hydraulic Pitch  System using a State Augmented EKF-approach Magnus Asmussen
FPMC2019-1665 Estimation of Prepressure in Hydraulic Piston Accumulators for Industrial Wind Turbines Using Multi-Model Adaptive Estimation Fredrik Fogh Sørensen
FPMC2019-1620 Reliability analysis of axial piston units for drivetrain applications in off-road sector Ivan Baus
Monday 5:30pm-7:00pm    
BBQ Picnic on Beach    
Monday 7:15pm-8:15pm    
GFPS Meeting    
Tuesday Oct 7:45am-9:45am  
Session 5 6 papers - Chair: Bernhard Manhartsgruber  
Fluid Power Drives and Transmissions
FPMC2019-1628 A Hybrid Hydraulic-Electric Architecture for Off-road Mobile Machines Perry Li
FPMC2019-1642 On the Energy Efficiency of Dual Prime Mover Pump-Controlled Hydraulic Cylinders Petter Goytil
FPMC2019-1708 Power Optimization of Series Hydraulic Hybrid Powertrain for Compact Wheel Loader Feng Wang
FPMC2019-1709 Influence of Hydraulic Accumulator Performance On the Hydraulic Hybrid Powertrain Feng Wang
FPMC2019-1690 Series, Parallel and Hybrid Series-Parallel Hydrostatic Transmission Architectures for Ground Locomotion Massimo Martelli
FPMC2019-1686 An Analysis of The Energy Losses in The Hydraulic Remote System of Agricultural Tractor Xin Tian
Tuesday Oct 8 10:15am-12:15pm  
Session 6 6 papers - Chair: QingHui Yuan  
Properties of Hydraulic Fluids
FPMC2019-1631 Effects of Oil Contamination Level, Flow Rate, and Viscosity on Pressure Drop Development and Dirt Holding Capacity of Hydraulic Filter Olof Calonius
FPMC2019-1636 Bio-Based Hydraulic Fluids In Mobile Machines - Substitution Potential In Construction Projects Sebastian Deuster
FPMC2019-1646 Air solubility measurements and modeling of brake fluids Andreas Eisele
FPMC2019-1617 Prediction of Particle Resuspension and Particle Accumulation in Hydraulic Reservoirs Using Three-Phase CFD Simulation Lukas Muttenthaler
FPMC2019-1702 Method for the experimental determination of the Bunsen absorption coefficient of hydraulic fluids Andris Rambaks
FPMC2019-1712 Polymer-Enhanced Fluid Effects on Mechanical Efficiency of Hydraulic Pumps Paul Michael
Tuesday Oct 8 12:15pm-1:15pm
Tuesday Oct 8 1:15pm-2:15pm
Koski Lecture - Dr. Peter Achten
Tuesday Oct 8 2:15pm-3:55pm
Session 7 5 papers - Chair: Noah Manring
Hydrostatic Pumps and Motors 1
FPMC2019-1696 Multi-Objective Optimization of Cycloidal-Toothed Gerotor Pumps by Genetic Algorithm Andrew Robison
FPMC2019-1605 Control volume definition for crescent-type internal gear pumps with involute teeth profiles Dinghao Pan
FPMC2019-1645 Novel Pressure Adaptive Piston Cylinder Interface Design For Axial Piston Machines Shanmukh Sarode
FPMC2019-1652 Investigation into flow pulsation of swash-plate axial-piston pump in parallel for hydraulic energy system Xiaoping Ouyang
FPMC2019-1611 Piezoelectric Actuation to Reduce Pump Flow Ripple Nathan Hagstrom
Tuesday Oct 8 4:25pm-5:45pm 4 papers - Chair: Nigel Johnston
Session 8    
Hydrostatic Pumps and Motors 2    
FPMC2019-1626 Modeling and Optimization Study of a Tightly Integrated Rotary Electric Motor-Hydraulic Pump Garrett Bohach
FPMC2019-1677 Automated Design and Analysis of a Variable Displacement Linkage Motor Nathaniel J. Fulbright
FPMC2019-1668 A More Accurate Definition of Mechanical and Volumetric Efficiencies for Digital Displacement Pumps Chris Williamson
FPMC2019-1615 Measuring the Losses of Hydrostatic Pumps and Motors - A Critical Review of ISO4409:2007 Peter A J Achten
Tuesday Oct 8 5:45pm-6:45pm
ASME FPST Executive Committee Meeting: QingHui Yuan
Tuesday Oct 8 7:00pm-10:00pm
Koski Reception and Banquet
Wednesday Oct 9 7:45am-9:45am
Session 9 6 papers - Chair: Rudolf Scheidl
Digital and Switched Fluid Power Systems    
FPMC2019-1693 Experimental Testing of a Variable Displacement Pump/Motor that uses a Hydro-mechanically Timed Digital Valving Mechanism to  Achieve Partial Stroke Piston Pressurization (PSPP) Perry Li
FPMC2019-1603 Monitoring Digital Technologies in Hydraulic Systems Using CUSUM Control Charts Farid Breidi
FPMC2019-1669 Danfoss Digital Displacement Excavator: Test Results and Analysis Chris Williamson
FPMC2019-1670 Definition of Performance Requirements and Test Cases for Offshore/Subsea Winch Drive Systems with Digital Hydraulic Motors Sondre Nordås
FPMC2019-1647 Switch-mode Power Transformer in a Wave-powered, Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant Jeremy Simmons
FPMC2019-1651 Experimentally Validated Model for a Digital Valve for a Variable Hydraulic Transmission to Be Used In a Body-Powered Wearable Robot Saeed Hashemi
Wednesday Oct 9 10:15am-12:15pm
Session 10 6 papers - Chair: Steve Weber
Hydraulic Control Valves    
FPMC2019-1640 A Ceramic Flat Slide Valve for Hydraulic Applications Stefan Aengenheister
FPMC2019-1705 2D CFD Analysis of Servovalve Main Stage Internal Leakage Paolo Tamburrano
FPMC2019-1650 Lumped Parameter Modeling of Counterbalance Valves Considering the Effect of Flow Force Annalisa Sciancalepore
FPMC2019-1612 A Method for Anti-Erosion of Water Hydraulic Valve Plug Based on Variable Stiffness and Energy Mitigating Mechanism He XU
FPMC2019-1687 Mechanical and Hydraulic Actuation Strategies for Mainstage Spool Valves in Hydraulic Motors Grey C. Boyce-Erickson
FPMC2019-1680 Optimization of a Snap Through Spring for a Hydraulic Valve with Hysteresis Response Behaviour Matthias Scherrer
Wednesday Oct 9 12:15pm-1:15pm
Wednesday Oct 9 1:15pm-2:45pm
Industry Panel - Organizer: Michael Gust
Wednesday Oct 9 3:15pm-4:55pm
Session 11 5 papers - Chair: Heikki Handroos

Control Design Methodologies and Techniques for Fluid Power Systems 2

FPMC2019-1681 Energetically Passive Bilateral Teleoperation of a Pneumatic Crawling Robot Perry Li
FPMC2019-1706 Immersive 3D Vehicle Simulation for HiL Testing of Mobile Hydraulic Controls Matthias Liermann
FPMC2019-1699 Designing An Improved Controller for A Pump Direct Driven Electro-hydraulic System Using A Nonlinear Flow Mapping Bobo Helian
FPMC2019-1656 Parameter identification and nonlinear model-based control for hydraulic serial manipulators Lionel Hulttinen
FPMC2019-1663 Nonlinear Model-Based Control Design for a Hydraulically Actuated Spherical Wrist Pauli Mustalahti