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Final Written Report

The submission materials should be emailed to the organizers with the subject '[ASME SMRDC 2021]', and the organizers are:

Yu She

Mark Plecnik

Gaurav Singh

Long Wang

Haiyang Li

The Final Written report consists of two separate documents + a video submission:

A Cover Page including (Judges will NOT see the Cover Page)

  • Project title
  • Name(s) of the participant(s)
  • One contacting postal address
  • One e-mail address
  • University affiliation
  • Category – Undergraduate or Graduate
  • Faculty sponsor's name
  • Acknowledgments, by name (optional)

2. A Project description including: (Do not mention your name(s) or affiliation anywhere in the project description)

  • Brief background
  • Functional description of the mechanism/robot
  • Clear statement of the novel features of the mechanism/robot
  • Procedures used to design the mechanism/robot
  • Benefits and possible applications of the mechanism/robot
  • Acknowledgment of help from others including faculty, machine shop personnel, laboratory technicians, etc. Do not mention names!
  • All appropriate figures, tables, photographs, etc, incorporated into the document

3. Video Submission: (Do not mention your name(s) or affiliation anywhere in the video)

  • A video of the entry must be submitted
  • Up to 1 minute in length
  • Both video content and production quality will be judged
  • Can include recorded video, animations, simulations, etc

The Cover Page and the Project Description should be submitted as two separate PDF files.

The project description should be roughly 1000 – 2000 words in length, prepared with a word processor, and submitted in PDF electronic format. The report must be no longer than 10 pages, including images, but not including the cover page. Participants may format the report in any way they like to maximize the readability and presentation of the technical content. Please contact the competition coordinators if you have any questions in this regard.


The competition is open to US, as well as international universities. Any graduate or undergraduate registered as a full-time student through the Spring of 2021 is eligible to participate. Both individual and group projects are welcome. An individual may participate in several entries provided each submission is on a different subject.

Student Activity Description

The ASME Student Mechanism and Robot Design Competition (SMRDC) is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to showcase their ability to design and build a mechanism or a robot (more details please see our website).

How Students get Involved in Activity

The competition comprises two rounds: Round 1 (Qualifying Round): Participants submit a Letter of Intent and a written report on their entry. All entries are evaluated by a panel of judges chosen from academe and industry. The top five entries in each category qualify for the next round. Round 2 (Demo and Presentation): This round will be held at the 2021 ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences from August 17-20, 2021. Each team will be required to make: 1) an oral presentation (5~7 minutes) describing their entry; 2) an interactive poster and discuss session.