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Track List

  • Tribology, Dynamics and Servo control of Nano-Micro systems: Head-Media interface Tribology, magnetic head technology, servo and other topics magnetic recording, and mechanical science and technology in the micro/nano scale system
  • Packaging Technologies for Solid-State Flash Storage and Memory: Thermal management, Warpage, crack, delamination, and fatigue, Package,drive, and system level reliability(including temperature cycling, shock, and vibration) testing/modeling, Automotive reliability requirements
  • Fundamentals on Energy Assisted Magnetic Recording: Materials, physics, mechanical design and simulations for HAMR/MAMR
  • Data Storage Solution and System for Data Center Operation and Optimization: Thermal management for server, vibration control, etc.
  • Emerging and future data Storage Technologies: Next generation data storage solutions based on magnetic/optical/solid-state memory, including phase change, MRAM, ReRAM, quantum storage, DNA storage
  • Dynamics and Control for Future Technologies: Dynamics and control for highlighted engineering fields including robot, unmanned aerial vehicle, unmanned ground vehicle, and next-generation transportation
  • Smart Materials: Materials science and engineering for information storages, displays, energy-recycle, and nano/micro devices, materials characteristic control and smart material applied system
  • Smart Sensors and Actuators: Various sensors and actuators for promising engineering fields such as haptics, IOT application, biological application, motion based detection & actuation, and autonomous vehicle solutions
  • Micro/Nano & Biomedical Mechatronic Systems: Science and technologies on micro/nano mechatronic systems and MEMS/NEMS/MOEMS for biomedical application
  • Optical Imaging Devices and Opto-mechatronic Systems: Optical imaging systems and sensing devices detecting optical information, and opto-mechatronic systems based on imaging and sensing devices.
  • Flexible Media Handling Machines and Printed electronics, Exposing and Printing Technologies: Copy machines, printers, scanners, office automation equipment, flexible media dynamics and control
  • Advanced Simulation in Science and Engineering: Advanced computational simulations in engineering fields of mechanics, electro-mechanics, and electronics and simulation methods and optimization methods
  • Application of Data and Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering: Using big data and AI for solving problems in the mechanical domain: such as product failure analysis, smart manufacturing, etc.

Paper Submission:

Authors should submit a tentative title/abstract to begin the paper submission process. Authors should then submit full-length manuscripts for peer review. Draft manuscripts and final-paper submissions must conform to ASME publication guidelines.

Social Program:

Complimenting this year's technical program will include a banquet awards dinner, and networking opportunities. Select meals will also be provided.