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Track Descriptions

General Requirements

The General Requirements Track will include presentations that broadly apply to nuclear power plant Pump and Valve Inservice Testing Programs in the USA. Topics of interest may include USA regulatory or ASME related subjects. The purpose of this Track is to inform affected stakeholders who audit or implement Inservice Testing Programs of innovations and changes that have been implemented, are planned for implementation, or topics of concern presently in the draft or public review processes.


The Valve Track will include presentations that highlight methods for implementation of ASME OM Code and NRC regulatory requirements related to Inservice Testing of Valves. These presentations will address topics such as, supplemental position verification testing, use of new NDE technology, and testing personnel training.


The Motor Operated Valve (MOV) Track will be helpful to those responsible for implementing the ASME OM Code Appendix III at Nuclear Power plants across the industry. The Appendix establishes the requirements to assess and ensure the operational readiness of MOVs. Since by the year 2027 it is expected that all nuclear plants in the U.S. will be using Appendix III the track will benefit present and future users. The Track will include presentations of current Appendix users, lessons learned using the Appendix as well as new developments for the alternative treatment of MOVs.


The Pump Track will be beneficial to those responsible for implementing the Inservice Testing Program at nuclear power plants across the industry. The Pump track may include presentations concerning the implementation of the ASME OM Code for pumps, recent code revisions associated with pumps, vendor work with pumps in the industry, or other pump challenges or successes within the industry.


The Snubber Track will discuss specific application of service life monitoring including condition monitoring techniques and experience as well as recent issues observed related to in-service examination and testing of snubbers that may be applied generically. There will also be a discussion from a manufacturers viewpoint of the challenges to continue to provide qualified replacement components and how these challenges manifest themselves upstream to the licensee and downstream to sub-tier suppliers, as well as their resolution.

New Reactors

The New Reactors Track will discuss some recent code cases, some issues with new reactors such as their fuel cycle, Regulatory Treatment of Non-Safety Significant Components, some new reactor IST Programs, QME-1 and Regulatory Guide 1.100.

Risk Implementation

The Risk Implementation Track will include a presentation of the PWROG 10CFR50.69 implementation template for a component and a presentation or panel discussion of the NRC position on implementing 10CFR50.69 for in-service testing. It will also include a presentation of the NRC endorsed version of Subsection ISTE.