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Provided by ASME Logo The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The PVP Virtual Program is being delivered in three parts:

  1. Over 400 Technical Papers (
    1. These will be available to registered attendees for bulk download or single paper download through the PineTec online system. *Registered attendees will receive a separate PineTec access email and will be directed (if needed) to change any passwords from previous years.
  2. Over 300 (and growing each day) Technical Presentation Videos (
    1. Registered attendees will be able to view these on-demand* videos at their leisure. *Videos are not available for download, but can be accessed multiple times
    2. The viewing site can be accessed using your conference registration log in information
  3. The “Communication Tool” will provide attendees with the ability to connect with other attendees and ask paper related questions  on the CrowdCompass Application.
    1. Can be accessed on the CrowdCompass website or downloaded on your smart device.
    2. How to access:
      1. Accessing the Desktop Version (strongly recommended for Virtual Conferencing)
        1. Visit this link:

        2.  In the Event Password field, enter pvp2020. Note: The password is not case-sensitive

        3.  On the next screen, click "Login"

        4.  Enter your name and email address

        5. Enter the six-digit verification code that will be sent to your email

      2. Downloading the Mobile version to a Smart Phone or Tablet:

        1. Go to your app store. Search for CrowdCompass AttendeeHub and install it. Note: If you are using a Blackberry, Windows phone, an Android version older than 7.0 , or iOS older than version 11, you will need to use the web version of the app found here:

        2. After installing, the AttendeeHub icon will appear on your home screen.

        3. Search the AttendeeHub for pvp2020 and download it.

        4. Tap the name of the event to open it.

    3. Logging In

      1. Enter your first and last name where prompted, then tap Next. Enter an email address where you’d like your verification email sent, then tap Next one more time. 

      2. Retrieve your six-digit verification code from your email.

      3. Enter the code in the app.