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RFIM 2024
Robotics for Inspection & Maintenance Summit
In-Person Event
PRCI Technology Development Center
Houston, TX
March 19–21, 2024

Accelerate Standardization in Visual and Hazardous Robotics Inspection

ASME’s Robotics for Inspection & Maintenance Summit (RFIM) is your opportunity to accelerate standardization in visual and hazardous robotics inspection, March 19-21 at the PRCI Technology Development Center in Houston. This year’s event will include interactive sessions focused on standardizing visual inspection and other NDT with drones and mobile robots; the benefits and challenges of certification for robotics in hazardous environments; and the future of regulatory compliance.

In addition to contributing to standardization, you can connect with asset owners and service providers in person and gain valuable insights on the latest robotic and data analytics technologies to help your business optimize inspection, maintenance, and repair while improving safety and lowering costs.