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RFIM 2024
Robotics for Inspection & Maintenance Summit
In-Person Event
PRCI Technology Development Center
Houston, TX
March 19–21, 2024

Discover New Robotic Solutions and Make Smarter Business Decisions

The Robotics for Inspection & Maintenance Summit (RFIM) is back March 19-21, 2024, at the PRCI Technology Development Center in Houston, TX, the energy capital of the world! Don't miss this opportunity to experience live demonstrations of the latest in robotics equipment and join in dynamic conversations driving the future of robotics forward. The RFIM Summit is also a great opportunity to network and make meaningful connections with industry leaders, equipment manufacturers, influencers, practitioners, and the sharpest minds in the industry.

ASME's RFIM Summit brings together a cross-industry community of asset owners, robotic inspection service providers, robotic maintenance providers, robotic and drone OEMs, sensor OEMs, and data analytic/software providers. Experts involved in all facets of the robotics industry will share valuable insights on the latest robotic and data analytics technologies to help businesses optimize inspection, maintenance, and repair while improving safety and lowering costs. The Summit promises to deliver significant ROI for all those who attend by equipping you with practical knowledge and techniques, as well as the contact to make it happen, to optimize your own business processes today. Learn about opportunities to demonstrate your capabilities, present the latest applications or technology, and plan to join us today!

What Audiences Are Saying About Our Events

"The ASME RFIM conference has been a really rewarding experience for Eddyfi Technologies. Our experts are always happy to present and work with the amazing people organizing the show. The leads we generate with each event are of a good quality and the results meet our expectations."
Jean-Philippe Fortier Coordonnateur des événements commerciaux/Coordinator Commercial Events

"The ASME Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance events are a great way for asset owners to learn about the latest and greatest technology in the industry and formulate plans to incorporate the technology for saving lives, unlocking economic value, and gathering a breadth and depth of data heretofore unavailable. HUVR helps attendees of the events learn how to digitize their inspection workflows and data while Apellix provides data to systems such as those provided by HUVR. Together Apellix and HUVR find the attendees are focused on finding solutions to their inspection and maintenance challenges and the AMSE RFIM provides great access to the asset owners that can benefit from our technologies."
Bob Dahlstrom, CEO, Apellix