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About ASME’s Nuclear Engineering Division

The ASME Nuclear Engineering Division (NED) focuses on the design, analysis, development, testing, operation and maintenance of reactor systems and components, nuclear fusion, heat transport, nuclear fuels technology and radioactive waste. They believe the time is now to develop newer, smaller, easy to site and construct nuclear power plants and let this high availability source of CO2 free power help us solve our climate dilemma.


Why Small and Micro Reactors?

C02 Free | Readily Available | The Future is NOW

Here are the facts: Nuclear power has provided the United States and the world with a CO2 free source of electric power for the last half century. Last year alone nuclear power in the US provided 807.1 BILLION KW-hr of emission free power, which represented 55.2% of the total US emission free energy and avoided adding 528 Million Metric Tons of CO2 to the atmosphere.

The time is now to develop new, smaller, easy to site and construct nuclear power plants and put this high availability source of clean power to work for the US and the world to help solve our climate problem. We cannot afford to wait any longer. There is no better place to get the latest and greatest information on this exciting market and stay abreast of this rapidly developing technology than the ASME SMMR Conference.

So, ask yourself, how can you or your company become a part of this next boom market? Apply your skills and services to this high technology industry and expand your portfolio? Don’t be left behind and let your competition get ahead of you.


Why attend?

Network | Understand | Build Relationships

  1. Get a better understanding of the design nuances that are being used to ensure safe operation under all conditions and what exactly makes these reactors a fascinating new twist on a century old technology.

  2. Meet leaders across the entire technology chain and take an active role in moving this advanced source of 24 hour a day, 365 days a year energy source from concept to reality.

  3. Learn about the skill sets and technologies needed to establish a presence for you and your organization in the SMMR supply chain. Network with decision makers who will be looking for strategic partners to help advance their stake in this part of the clean energy market.

  4. Understand the inner workings of some of the newest reactor designs and latest developments in the nuclear fuels that will power these miniature workhorses.

  5. Gain insight into what new materials are required to implement these advanced technologies.

  6. Hear from the experts about how to request and develop ASME Codes and Code Cases that are needed for the materials and processes that will make these new reactors a reality.

  7. Gain greater knowledge of the transportation and siting requirements that are unique to small, mini, and micro reactors.

  8. Access experts to hear about the latest advances in design, materials, and fabrication of SMMR’s and their licensing requirements.

  9. Position yourself to be a part of the future design and supply chain in the SMMR market. The time is now.