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Taras Lyssenko


Taras Lyssenko

Biography: Mr. Taras Lyssenko, works in Government Relations and Business Development promoting the advancement of scientific technologies that bring about better quality of and protect life within the realm of Defense, Energy, Aviation, and Homeland Security. He is also widely known for the recovery and preservation of history that had been lost under water. The activities of Taras have led to the locating of hundreds of artifacts once lost underwater. These artifacts include World War II aircraft, ships dating back to the 1800s, including the only remaining UC Type World War I German Submarine (U-boat), and even the remnants of a forest that dates back over 8000 years. Taras personally is one of the leaders of the team that has recovered dozens of the aircraft on behalf of the National Naval Aviation Museum. Those aircraft are now on display in museums and airports across the United States. In order for that effort to have been and continue to be successful Taras has to raise substantial support through private funding. He does a significant number of presentations about the recovered aircraft in order to bring forth public awareness, understanding, and education about those machines of peace that were used by the "Greatest Generation" to preserve the world’s freedom and liberty during the World War II air war in the pacific.

Taras uses much of his free time for educational outreach efforts that promote and bring awareness of the vast potential for great scientific and exploration opportunities that the universe presents to our youth. Taras was a commissioned Army officer, infantry, Ranger qualified. He is an avid adventure and horseman.

Over the years, Mr. Lyssenko has worked to bring forth advanced technologies to lower the production and fabrication costs of the valued metal titanium. During these endeavors he has worked with The United States Senate, The United States House of Representatives, branches of the US Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the US Department of Energy, large equipment producers, and many others corporations.

Additionally, Mr. Lyssenko has initiated, brought forth, and successfully passed through the US Congress several legislative efforts. This includes changes to Title 10 United States Code Section 2572 and what was termed as the "Florida Keys Water Quality Improvements Act of 2000." He successfully achieved a Presidential Determination under Defense Production Act Title, III for his efforts in titanium production. Along the way Taras has put together and led teams that were the recipients of R & D 100 Awards, including one for titanium production and another for the production of new natural gas. Most recently his activities have focused on energy generation and water. In particular, the coming next generation of nuclear energy.

Taras has written two books, the children’s book Wendy’s Fear of Heights and the firsthand account of the many years of marine exploration and aircraft recovery, The Great Navy Birds of Lake Michigan: The True Story of the Privateers of Lake Michigan and the Aircraft They Rescued.


Mark Schneider

Nuclear Message Communication

Mark Schneider

Biography: Mark Schneider began his work in the Nuclear Industry in the US Navy’s nuclear power program. He served on three submarines and on one aircraft carrier as well as completed a tour as part of Naval Reactors staff assigned to the shipyard in Newport News, VA. When asked what was most helpful in his naval nuclear career to his nuclear messaging, he cites his deployment with the 16th Military Police Brigaded (AIRBORNE) in 2007. He is frequently quoted as saying, “There I had to learn how to communicate in ways I never had. I had to become Army to effectively communicate.” Following his retirement from the Navy he worked as an operator at a commercial nuclear power station. For the past four and a half years he has studied communication, influence and persuasion and has spent much time as understudy on those topics from Dilbert creator, Scott Adams. In 2019 he founded Gen IV Nuclear Inc. a company whose purpose is to promote and explain nuclear energy to the public.