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TEC NExT 2023 > Program

Sessions will be a mix of presentations, panels, and collaborative exchanges with staff, TEC Council and volunteers. Here are some of the topics to be covered:

  • Volunteer-to-volunteer communication (recruitment, problem-solving and more!)
  • DE&I
  • Engaging Industries
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Volunteers: From Recruiting to On-boarding


Thursday, March 30, 2023

Session Time (EDT) Presentation Title Presentation Description Speaker(s)
10 ‐ 10:05 AM Welcome Day 1 Opening Remarks Tom Costabile
Bob Stakenborghs
10:05 ‐ 10:20 AM General Volunteerism – Why do you do this? Why, what, how, why do you continue? Volunteering for a professional society is a great way to network with those who have similar professional concentrations. Leading a professional society takes passion and dedication. Hear from our leaders about the importance of what you do, why you do it and how you do it. Eric Ruggiero
Columbia Mishra
Karen Ohland
Laura Herrera
10:20 ‐ 10:50 AM ASME Overview & TEC Overview Overview of the purpose and mission of TEC Sector and Sector activities.

Christine Reilly

ASME TEC Council:
Bob Stakenborghs
TEC Council, Senior Vice President

Vicki Risinger
TEC Council, Vice Chair

Tom Lavertu
TEC Council, Vice Chair

Columbia Mishra
TEC Council, Member at Large

Damian Vogt
TEC Council, Member at Large

10:50 ‐ 11:30 AM High-Performing Divisions & Research Committees The TEC Sector has be able to create many technical groups who produce content for our stakeholders. This sesion will focus on new ways to lead divisions, research committees and organizing committees. It will also provide criteria for successful outcomes. Tom Lavertu
Angelique Vesey
11:30 ‐ 11:40 AM Break
11:40 AM ‐ 12:00 PM Roles and Responsibilities Division Chair Having a clear guideline of roles and responsibilities will streamline and maximize your group’s time and expertise as well as build camaraderie. Steve Long
John Bozewicz
12:00 ‐ 12:15 PM Holding Effective Meetings Holding effective meetings is crucial to utilizing the aggregated knowledge of the meeting participants. This session will provide guidance on achieving this important goal of every meeting. Shannon Stott
12:15 ‐ 12:30 PM Succession Planning Succession planning is important to ensure continued operational success for the benefit of division and research committee members. Mark will share his succession planning experience which has helped the formation of diverse group members. Mark Zelesky
12:30 – 12:35 PM Closing   Laura Herrera

Friday, March 31, 2023

Session Time (EDT) Presentation Title Presentation Description Speaker(s)
10 ‐ 10:05 AM Welcome Day 2 Summary of Day 1, Overview of Day 2 Tom Lavertu
Angelique Vesey
10:05 ‐ 10:35 AM

ASME Culture

  • DEI & ASME
  • Code of Conduct Policy
This session will provide an introduction to ASME’s definitions of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), as well as context to help clarify why these principles are so important to our work. We will share some examples of ASME’s work to advance DEI and provide resources that unit leaders can use to support DEI in their own groups. It will also include a review of the ASME Code of Conduct Policy. Amy Betz
Rebecca Stark
10:35 ‐ 11:05 AM Peer-to-Peer Conflict Resolution Often times it's less than ideal to have difficult conversations with colleagues. Albeit necessary sometimes, it can certainly be a stressful situation to go through. This session will discuss ways to handle these scenarios with peers. Ricardo Martinez-Botas
11:05 ‐ 11:35 AM TEC Task Force Overview and Status Updates
  • How to Increase Industry Participation
  • How to Member Recognition
  • Conference Revenue Share
The TEC Council has received feedback about areas the Sector should review to help TEC committees excel. Based on this feedback, the Sector has created task forces. These groups are a collection of volunteers and staff who congregate to provide solutions for their given topic. Tom Lavertu
Columbia Mishra
Damian Vogt
11:35 AM ‐ 11:45 AM Break
11:45 AM ‐ 12:15 PM Ideation - Business Plans "The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones."— John Maynard Keynes
This session will encourage new ways of thinking to meet the need of ASME stakeholders in the current climate. From intentional programming to grassroots marketing, we will review opportunities to increase the impact of your conference and division programming.
Ben Wellhoefer
Tim Graves
Phyllis Klasky
12:15 ‐ 12:55 PM All Roads Lead to Strategic Planning Whenever a committee has success or lessons learned, they can look at their strategy to see how the result happened. In this session you will see examples of a Strategic Plan including a Plan Action and Evaluation strategy from volunteer leaders who have prioritized these efforts. Kieran Kavanagh
Jamie Hart
12:55 ‐ 1:00 PM Closing & Reminders Summary of the TEC NExT Symposium and the road ahead. Bob Stakenborghs