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Challenge Problems

The ASME V&V 20 and V&V 30 Subcommittees support a series of challenge problems in conjunction with their standards activities.

Challenge problems are specific engineering application problems designed to study and assess Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (VVUQ) methods in modeling and simulation. Challenge problems are designed to provide insight into VVUQ approaches and a comparison of their performance for a specific problem by experts in the field.

The problem description, results, and takeaways are presented during the Challenge Problem Workshops at the annual ASME V&V Symposium.

Learn more about participation in the following challenge problems:

ASME V&V 20 Subcommittee on Verification and Validation in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

Workshop on the Assessment of Multivariate Metric for Validation at Multiple Set Points

*ASME V&V 30 Subcommittee on Verification and Validation in Computational Nuclear System Thermal Fluids Behavior

V&V Benchmark Problem #2 — Single Jet Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Numerical Model Validation

*NOTE: The results of Benchmark Problem #1 and the proposal for Benchmark Problem #2 will be presented by the V&V 30 Subcommittee at the ASME 2019 V&V Symposium. Submissions for Benchmark Problem #2 will be evaluated for the ASME 2020 V&V Symposium.