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  1. Challenge Problem Workshops and Panel Sessions
  2. Development and Application of Verification and Validation Standards
  3. Topics in Verification, Validation & Uncertainty Quantification
  4. Verification Methods
  5. Validation Methods
  6. Methods for Uncertainty Quantification, Sensitivity Analysis, and Prediction
  7. VVUQ for Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer
  8. VVUQ for Solid Mechanics, Structures, Impact, and Blast
  9. VVUQ for Nuclear Power Applications
  10. VVUQ for Biomedical Engineering
  11. VVUQ for Power Systems
  12. VVUQ for Oil and Gas Applications
  13. VVUQ for Advanced Manufacturing
  14. VVUQ for Transportation Systems, Aerospace, and Automotive
  15. VVUQ for Computational Electromagnetics, Plasma, Radiation Transport
  16. VVUQ for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Models