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  • Challenge Problem Workshops and Panel Sessions
  • Development and Application of Verification, Validation, Uncertainty Quantification Standards
  • Topics in Verification, Validation & Uncertainty Quantification
  • Verification Methods
  • Validation Methods
  • Methods for Uncertainty Quantification, Sensitivity Analysis, and Prediction
  • VVUQ for Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer
  • VVUQ for Solid Mechanics, Structures, Impact, and Blast
  • VVUQ for Biomedical Engineering
  • VVUQ for Advanced Manufacturing
  • VVUQ for Computational Electromagnetics, Plasma, Radiation
  • VVUQ for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Models
  • VVUQ for Nuclear Power Applications
  • VVUQ for Transportation Systems, Aerospace, and Automotive