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Keynote Session

Dr. Markus Seibold

Dr. Markus Seibold
VP Additive Manufacturing, Power & Gas
Siemens AG
Wednesday March 20, 2019
8:30am – 9:15am

Title: 3D Printed OEM Parts and New Materials to Drive Customer Success in Power Generation New Unit and Service Business


Additive Manufacturing (AM) is one of the key technologies at Siemens AG. AM allows more complex elements for aerospace, automotive and power generation components with multiple pieces to be manufactured in fewer parts or even as a single complete part, improving lead times and allowing components to be redesigned quickly and easily during the development phase. Siemens has collected more than 110,000 hours of operating experience of 3D printed components not only within its own power generation business but also servicing its customers from related industry in the end-to-end AM process from design and materials optimization until manufacturing, post-processing and certification. This presentation will show use cases of successful customer’s cooperation’s and highlight also challenges which had to be overcome.

Biography: Dr. Markus Seibold is the Siemens Power & Gas VP of Additive Manufacturing. In this role, Markus is responsible for all aspects of developing & implementing Additive Manufacturing technologies and designs in Siemens Power & Gas Products & Solutions. This includes strategic partnerships, technology cooperations and new business models. In addition, Markus is also responsible for Siemens 3rd party service business via Materials Solutions — a Siemens business, UK where Siemens is committed to driving innovation and commercial application of additive manufacturing for 3rd party customers.

Markus has comprehensive experience with Siemens Gas Turbines business, covering responsibilities ranging from Operations to Technology and Strategy. Before Siemens, Markus worked for a management consulting firm in Munich, Germany and was responsible Head of Practice Business Development & Strategy. Markus holds a Diploma in Management Information Systems from the University of Regensburg, an MBA from the University of Georgia and a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Munich.