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BJRS Bolted Joint Reliability Symposium

Norris Conference Centers - Houston/CityCentre, Houston, TX

Conference: October 26 – October 27, 2022
ASME Course: October 24 – October 25, 2022

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Learn more about the Bolted Joint Gasket Behavior Course

The ASME PVP Bolted Joint Reliability Symposium (BJRS) promotes knowledge sharing, technological progress and international co-operation for advancing bolted Joints and sealing technology for the pressure vessel and piping industry. The presentations will disseminate the scientific and real-world knowledge in the area of bolted joints, including current and future design rules for bolted flange connections based on tightness (ASME SWG-BJ, EN1591), modern flange assembly guidelines and best practices (ASME PCC-1), gasket selection and assembly for obtaining desired performance/reliability (Example LDAR), and sharing of Lessons-Learned and Best Practices from industry experts and engineering colleagues.


  • Understanding BFC Design Methods
    • ASME Section VIII division 1 Appendix 2
    • New BFJ design rules, SWG on BFC
    • EN1591
    • JIS under adoption
    • Other methods (Analytical, FEM, Non-Circular Flanges, Flat Face Flanges)
  • BFC Assembly
    • Torque Calculation Methods
    • PCC1, Appendix F, Alternative Flange Assembly Methods & Field Experience
    • Factors Involved in Determining Nut Friction Factor
    • Hydraulic Tensioning and Torquing
    • Elastic Interaction
    • PCC-1 Appendix A Flange Assembler Qualification
  • Gaskets and Packings
    • Torque Calculation Methods
    • New Technologies
    • Gasket and Packing Selection
    • Performance Testing Methods/Standards and Their Use
    • EN13555, ROTT, HOBT2 w/Cycles, ASTM (Gb a Gs, m & Y), API622
  • Design and Testing of HPHT Flanges for Oil and Gas Applications
  • Design Verification Analysis Methodology
  • Allowable Preload Stresses
  • Design Allowable Stresses
  • Combined Load Conditions
  • Fatigue Performance
  • Sealing Performance
  • Performance Capacity Charts
  • Design Validation Testing Methodology

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission
    July 22, 2022
  • Notification of Abstract Acceptance
    July 25, 2022